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  1. Thank you! It turned out like a million times better than expected. More updates coming soon.
  2. funny part at 1:20
  3. Ah, I see. Well, you're do a pretty good job of showing how it's (manually) done.
  4. I'm so glad that you are is doing this. I feel like I'm getting some of this but it is really bothering me how it looks like you're overwritting existing scripts and blanking out data. How do you know you aren't going to remove something important? By the way, I'd recommend getting a pop filter in the future, it'll also help keep the mic clean.
  5. General

    When I heard "Halo CE Pistol" I kept thinking "oh cool he found a way to make it zoom like a br" and then I felt betrayed. Just kidding. Yeah adding a child and then adjusting its positioning through nodes or maybe "coorbs"(?), and then using bitmap swapping to make it look like one thing or at least better complement each other. I've not tested any of this, but I'm in the same boat in planning to. I plan to see if I can parent/child with bipeds. Cheftains have armor that fall off, so there's some kind of parent/child thing involved. I wanna stick infection form models in the chests of grunt and jackal models and make them into flood. As for my idea, I wanted to make auto turrets that work like the turrets from CoD that you carry-place-pickup which requires both hands (like an oddball). Then I thought with it being a turret with just ai properties there'll probably be a leftover control option from its normal turreting days and I kind of embraced that possibility. I think Gamecheat's ai controlled Ghosts were driveable in some of his videos, which basically made them normal ghosts once you got in them. But if the option isn't left over, no harm no faul. I was thinking using normal equipment normally was similar to shooting a gun, and if people are using guns to spawn ai then why can't an equipment? So we're thinking alike there. Making it act like an oddball/bomb/flag and picking it back up are things I haven't really figured out in my head. Maybe the spawned turret made from using the equipment is actually an objective like an oddball or bomb. When you pick up the turret it disappears completely, you get a bomb from assault mode(could be believed to be a folded up turret from the future), and you get the equipment, when you deploy the equipment the bomb disappears, completing the cycle. So a turret that's an oddball but has ai. Yup. The furthest this'll probably go is a one-time-use equipment that spawns a turret like the normal auto-turret equipment. Edit: Scratch the whole equipment thing. Maybe just have it be an assault bomb that has a firing mechanic when held, which makes it disappear from your hands as though you planted it, while simultaneously spawning the turret. From there idk, maybe the turret could be picked up like a bomb, despawning it and giving you a bomb, completing the cycle. Edit: Also I'd like to add that you MIGHT be able to "remove" parts of weapons by making the part of the bitmap for those parts transparent which will let you see into the inside of the model, from there you could MAYBE add a child inside of the model to cover the bitmap hole up, effectively making the model look like it doesn't have a certain thing/mass on it. Goodluck with your creative process!
  6. Support

    Ah! The man himself! Thank you for replying. I will try that tomorrow morning after I get rid of the pesky intro sequence. 100_citadel also has a short animation of the player jumping out of the pelican following the cutscene, I'll try to remove that as well.
  7. General

    Cool stuff. Plasma launcher made me laugh. But give that pistol a scope! You could swap bitmaps as well as inject custom ones to make the guns look different, like a reskin. From what I've read, the most you could do right now for models is parent/child relationships to add things onto the model. And some things can have their nodes modified to bend in different shapes but I don't know if that's a thing for solid objects like guns. I haven't done any of this stuff yet but I'll see what I can get away with. An idea I have is a redeployable machine gun turret that acts as a auto turret until you take control of it. Pick it up like flag/oddball(or via detaching is acceptable), then deploy it like equipment. I want to see if I can tack a random piece of techy looking stuff, like a warthog antenna or radio box, onto the turret to make it look like it has a computer on it and to look different from the normal turrets.
  8. Support

    Update: I can't seem to find anything on this topic. (Btw, hi! I've been gone a while.) Can anyone give me any hints or pointers on how to change which BSP you start out on in a campaign? On 100_citadel I want to spawn on the map's bsp_040 at the start instead of its bsp_010. Kinda like this: (it's bsp_040, and the dl link is dead) but while staying in the same .map file (and staying in campaign mode). I resorted to trying to reverse engineer Zedd's BSP injection tutorial, but attempting to load the end result resulted in being booted back to the campaign menu. Which was a step up from the black screens of the previous attempts. Here's what I did if you want a break down: There are just so many variables and I'm not even sure if I'm headed in the right direction with this. It'd be funny if it's just one block that I'd have to change to make the player spawn on the desired bsp at set coordinates. The end-goal of this project is to make something that plays somewhat like firefight, and I've chosen that BSP for that project (and also because citadel has the most stuff), so pointers and stuff there would be appreciated as well. I know it'll be a while before I get to the end goal though. I'm going to go back to Halo CE/2, as Akarias recommended, to get gud at scripting. I'll update as results change. Thanks.
  9. Thank you for posting this, I've been searching up, down, and all around this site for help with scripts. Mainly, specifically for removing things, like the cutscenes and animations that are forced at the start of 100_citadel (H3).
  10. Would a custom-made campaign in halo 3 sync ai like a vanilla one would?

  11. Looks like mostly everyone else has been busy too.

  12. This sophisticated message is brought to you by Cheetos™. "They're kinda good for making out with, but nah."