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  1. General

    Who doesn't want an active forum? I never said I wanted a crowd of immature people. I was just making an example of forums we should add.
  2. General

    There would be a whole a lot more people posting on the forums if we had more then just a Halo section. How will having a halo section, gta, and such not attract more people. Theres more games that can be modded then just halo...
  3. General

    Well adding more forums would get attract more people to come and their would be a lot more people posting.
  4. Hey I was just wandering if we could update the topics a little bit and add games like Call of Duty, Battlefield,GTA,TitanFall...
  5. The stove caught fire when my mom was cooking fries in the grease.
  6. Hey whats up guys! My name is Cameron. I used to Moderate a lot of forums and was an admin on a few before my house caught on fire and lost a lot. I just saved up a lot of money and got a brand new Macbook Air and figured I would join a few forums and see if i could help it grow and soon one day be apart of the staff.