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  1. Howdy, my dude.
  2. I know 'Vadam already answered this, but I'd like to receive a thank you too.
  3. If not Assembly, it shouldn't be too long before someone figures out something else considering it's always easier to mod on PC.
  4. .MAP

    It's definitely fun having a team help you defend at the end.
  5. I don't even know why I made this, but for some reason I wanted to share it with you guys... here it is.
  6. Thanks for the reply dude, you've been a major help. I was actually originally going to use that video as an example believe it or not, I'm already subbed to your channel.
  7. I'm not the kind of person that normally asks for help, but I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me with this... For those of you who don't know, I've pretty much found out how to edit Chief's armour in Halo 3 to any of the armours from multiplayer which can be found here. I recently tried to change Chief's armour on Halo 4 but instead of the options being in the [HLMT] section, I think they are in [MODE] instead. I scroll down to "permutations" and change the index numbers to different armour parts, but every time I go in game the armour piece just gets removed completely. On top of that I can't even change the color of the armour? If anyone knows how to change the pieces manually or even just replace Chief with your multiplayer spartan please do tell. As much as I love playing as Chief, it's also nice to be able to play as your own character from time to time.
  8. Hope the campaign mod is going well so far dude, good luck with it.
  9. Lord Zedd is always the man to call for the job.
  10. Watched it on Youtube before seeing you posted it on here, great stuff dude!
  11. How To Change Master Chief's Armour In Campaign - Halo 3 About a month ago I replied to a thread on how to change Chief's armour for the campaign, it seems like people don't really know how to do it so I've decided to make this tutorial. It's going to take a lot of explaining on what to do, so get ready kids! I'm not the best at explaining how to do stuff, so if this gets difficult to follow, I will make a video on how to do it. I will not be showing you how to mod your Xbox, where to download Assembly or where to get a modified XeX for Halo 3, you will easily be able to find where to get those elsewhere on here. There's probably an easier method on how to do this, but my way works fine if done correctly. Also I spell "Color" with a u because I'm British mate. Please remember to save each tag after you edit it and also make a back up of the map just in case if you do something wrong. What you'll need to do this: A modded Xbox 360 Assembly Modified Halo 3 XeX (I'm assuming) Halo 3 .map files on a USB or other device that works Part 1 - Getting the required tags: In Assembly, you will need to extract the following tag from a multiplayer map "[BIPD] objects\characters\masterchief\mp_masterchief\mp_masterchief" to your desktop. You may close the multiplayer map as you will not need anything else from it. Once you have the extracted tag, open up any campaign mission and import "[BIPD] objects\characters\masterchief\mp_masterchief\mp_masterchief" into it. Your campaign mission should then look like this in the [BIPD] section. Part 2 - Changing Chief's Model Open up "objects\characters\masterchief\masterchief" in [BIPD] and change where it says model from "objects\characters\masterchief\masterchief" to "objects\characters\masterchief\mp_masterchief\mp_masterchief" Next you'll want to search the [HLMT] tag and select "objects\characters\masterchief\masterchief" and also change the model in that to "objects\characters\masterchief\mp_masterchief\mp_masterchief" Part 3 - Editing The Armour This is where it's going to get slightly more difficult, so prepare yourself... In [HLMT] open up "objects\characters\masterchief\mp_masterchief\mp_masterchief" and scroll down until you see "Regions" & "Permutations". Regions specifies which part of the body it will change, and Permutations is which armour it will be swapped to. The Regions section is where you'll be selecting the piece of armour you want changed. Make sure you change where is says "0-7 (8)" before you change the number in "Model Permutation Index". We will not be editing anything in the Regions section, only changing which part of the body you are selecting, which will be 0-7, 4-7, 5,7 and 6-7. The Permutations section is what we'll be editing. The number below will represent each armour. Insert that number into "Model Permutation Index" below where it says "Base". Make sure it always says "Base" above (Apart from Chest). Please remember to save after you edit each tag. Helmet 0-7 (8): 0 - Default 2 - Cobra 3 - Intruder 4 - Ninja 5 - Regulator 7 - Ryu 8 - Marathon 9 - Mark V 10 - Rogue 11 - Scout 12 - ODST Left Shoulder 4-7 (8): 0 - Default 1 - Cobra 2 - Intruder 3 - Ninja 4 - Regulator 5 - Ryu -1 - Bungie 6 - Marathon 7 - Scout Right Shoulder 5-7 (8): This one is the same as left shoulder. Chest 6-7 (8): -1 - Marathon 0 - Cobra 1 - Intruder 2 - Ninja 3 - Regulator 4 - Ryu 5 - Scout 6 - Katana 7 - Bungie Change Armour Colour: Go to the tag [BIPD] and select "objects\characters\masterchief\masterchief", once you are on this, scroll down to where it says "Change Colors". You will see boxes where you can change the colour in them, just click on the box and select which colour you want for your armour. Make sure to change the numbers on the side after you've finished changing the colour so you change every part of the armour. After you have done this, save the tags and test out the map you have chosen. If this was too difficult to follow, please do say so and in the future I will try my best to make a video on it. It was difficult to explain but I hope I managed. If you need help, just say so. I highly recommend playing in Third Person so you can actually see your character to know if it has worked. I don't know how to change first person arms, but I am working on it. Good luck guys, hope I helped. Feel free to show images of your game if it worked!
  12. Honestly, I think it's going to be great. I didn't mind Halo 4, but it did feel slightly different to the other Halo games to me, and Halo 5's campaign just didn't matter to me. I know I shouldn't, but I have a lot of hope for Infinite. I think it's going to be great, and I really hope I am right. 4 player split-screen + Halo Reach like customisation here we come! (both have pretty much been confirmed)
  13. I know this is a year ago, but I highly advise against getting a console from anyone on sites such as Amazon or eBay. I learned that the hard way by losing quite a bit of money on one that literally broke not long after using it. I suggest looking for a trusted seller, maybe look for someone on Youtube who makes them with a fair amount of subscribers who can confirm their consoles are good quality. Also I suggest getting a Jasper model, myself and many others can confirm they are reliable. Good luck getting one.
  14. You realise this was posted in 2010 right?
  15. General

    I don't think it's on Gamecheat's site. As far as I am aware he made a video of the map but never uploaded it. It'll probably be a good idea to ask someone or look up how to make a .map on how to do this so you can do it on any map you want.
  16. .MAP

    That's odd. Tell me about your game, are you using any mods? Custom XeX? digital or physical copy of the game?
  17. .MAP

    No problem buddy, have a great Christmas! @JD The Tank
  18. Support

    Here's the tutorial.
  19. Support

    I know this is a very old topic now, but I know how to change Chief's armour in campaign for both the cut-scenes and in-game. If anyone needs help with it just ask. Hell I might even make a post on how to do it. Here's some pictures to show I've done it, I've run this through the Xenia Emulator, so the graphics looks a bit odd, but it does work on console.