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    Richmond, Virginia
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    I Love coding and making programs on the computer, I also love the Xbox 360 but don't get me wrong I like my PS3 also! It's Jailbroken ayyee!

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  1. I've tried xexmenu and FSD and even neighborhood and they all seem to give me the same problem with halo2!
  2. First status update ayyyeee ;)

  3. Hello I would like to know why my Halo 2 original Xbox game is crashing and saying disc is unreadable! I used Freestyle 3 Rev 775 to RIP the DVD to the HDD and all went well all the files copied over at 100% Completion rate and I never edited the files in the game directory or anything and I am just dumb founded by this problem in other words I'm stuck and the only other thing I can think of is to get the game from GameStop and try again! Any sugestions? This is my only option atm I believe because I don't think piracy discussion is aloud on the forum but then again I may be wrong and I have yet to read the rules for the site. P.S. I think I might need a Title Update but I'm not sure if that's whats causing the problem or not!
  4. TTG's Jtag marketplace is back up and now I believe you are able to purchase stickies
  5. ok thanks for letting me know this
  6. Hello and I would Like to bring this to everyone's attention. I was wondering if there would be any way that I can start a Jtag/RGH service here on this forum.
  7. Okay I fixed it so maybe your eyes won't bleed now Lol and sorry about that m8
  8. ~ Let me start this post out by saying hello to all of the experienced and inexperienced veterans here. ~ I am happy to be part of the Xbox Chaos Community/Family and am looking foward to a great time with the staff and the members on this forum! ~ I have a lot of experience with coding and modding - I am also a console Seller/Moddifier - I sell anything from Dev Kits to J-tag's including RGH Consoles - I'm here to help if needed - Thanks