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  1. So if i edit the battle riffle RoF it will be edited on all maps ?
  2. Hey guys me and someone else here were wondering why we can't see weapons, biped, global tags list on any modding program (Assembly, Gravemind, Ambiguous) when oppening a multiplayer halo 2 vista map. I mean how can i edit weapons stats, proj etc. I know it's possible since alot of people have already mod these things. If i open a campaign map i can see all the tags but they just disapear in MP maps. I don't understand why and i find nothing about this issue. Thanks
  3. I'm also modding Halo 2V. PM me if you need some help
  4. Well it works fine. Is there anyways to copy/paste strings ?
  5. Hey guys, the AI names for both blue and green team aren't showing up on AI Playground made by Gamecheat13. My game is in French actually i don't know if that makes a difference
  6. That's wierd. Do you have the same issue with Filezilla or any other Ftp program ?
  7. None of you have been useful, I've fixed the issue alone. Love this community, you are the first to shit on others when they need help
  8. .MAP

    Now i figured out how to spawn them but they're just idling. Only attack melee if i get too close to them. I don't understand, they spawn without any weaps and they just stay at me. I have the correct Xex, they work great on AI playground (i have the map)
  9. .MAP

  10. I would like to but i can't connect via FTP now, I can only boot on the regular dashboard and on XeLL. Also i tried to copy dashlaunch on USB but xbox can't see it. But she seems to see XeX menu as a game, but i can only copy/delete/transfer it, can't launch.. I could revover Cpu & Dvd key via Xell also EDIT : Ripping XeX on rom, will try to launch it to access to dashboard.
  11. Hey guys, i accidently removed "Game" folder at the root now my rgh is booting on the original xbox menu, i can't access to Aurora.. What should i do ?
  12. I hope AMD will release the halo online standalone modding program soon ! There too many missing information (concerning tags) for H:O on Assembly..
  13. .MAP

    Yeah i missed somehting sorry, you need 3 maps so. Well i tried to do it I have the spawn and stuff but there's just nothing spawning, even if i start a new round. I screw up something i guess. I tried to do the flood method with grunt but it's almost the same except that there are here but it's just enemies biped, they don't move/attack once infected by the flood..
  14. .MAP

    I'm only using 2 map ( one from campaign to extract char, and the mp one to inject it). I don't understand why you inject/extract 1156468 times Oh and should i extract Raw or without Raw ?