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  1. Lehvak, is there any way I can reach you outside of this? I feel like this isn’t really working out man
  2. Hey, is there a working halo 5 mod tool for the xbox one?
  3. Hey so somewhere I've seen that some people actually have modded xbox one consoles like the xbox 360's do and i was wondering if anyone has one, information on them, and where i could get one? Thanks!
  4. I’ve done everything you’ve said and it isn’t working. I’ve transferred my modded .map file to my Xbox, went to scnr, went to the vehicle selection on there, but there is no place where it has string ID. It’s different than reach.
  5. Thank you man, I appreciate it. What about adding items to the forge palette?
  6. is that for halo 3 and dude, believe me, I have looked. If you know, then you could help me man.
  7. Okay, so I'm trying to inject tags into assembly and nothing is working. I am not quite sure what I've done wrong, i've been looking everywhere on how to do this, but there is nothing for halo 3. Here is what I have set in my assembly settings, -resource cache is in the folder where it has the shared, mainmenu, and -selected the halo 3 game -opened up a file like the citadel map -opened up the vehi/char.taglist and would either extract the hunter char or phantom.tagc RAW into a tag folder -opened up sandbox map -imported those tags -weap then I would make my magnum shoot out and it would freeze when choose those, but it wont freeze when I choose what is defaulted in the bipd or vehi.taglist And when I try to edit the forge menu, it wont work. I go to scnr.taglist and even when I try changing the budget limit from 1500 to 3000, wont work. I don't know if its because I'm not on the original sandbox map because I deleted everything off of there and I already have the budget to 1500? I was using another map called, sandbox canvas whereas everything is deleted and I have $1500, but I even tried all of this on the regular default sandbox map and nothing works. Please guys, help
  8. General

    I’m gonna try to look up tut for halo 1/2, hopefully I can figure out how.
  9. General

    Hey guys, so obviously there are tools like assembly used for modding .map variants and such, but there are VERY few video tutorials on how to do the mods LordZebbs does. Why and how is it fair that he reserves those kind of mods to himself rather than posting a video tutorials on it? How can you play as a grunt, hunter, elite? How do you inject pelicans? Can you please give a tutorial on this? I've tried in assembly and it doesn't work... I just only know how to do the basic stuff like edit the players speed, jump, invincibility, and weapons. I want specific tutorials for halo 3 and 4, so please someone give out a tutorial (preferably step-by-step video). Please do not refer me to LordZebb's text tutorial on here, I've already viewed it and it doesn't tell us how to mod like he does. Thanks!
  10. I have already connected my RGH to neighborhood and when I opened up assembly, I tried connecting it to the same IP I did with SDK. I don't understand what is going on and I've spent quite some time looking at other forums and other places trying to find an answer to this problem. Please help by either replying to this forum, PM me, or contact me by either of these Kik: Jarkovic Skype: istudmuffinnn