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  1. Halo 3

    link off¡¡
  2. man plsssss helpp me ¡¡


    tell me how is the code for the dialog text at the beginning .. plss;(


    <String name="Random Stuff"> // text  in monitor
           <String>MY GAMETYPE</String>

       <Trigger execMode="OnEachPlayer"> 
              <E type="Action" name="TimerRateSet">
                <Param kind="InOut" name="Timer" type="TimerReference" varRefType="1" dataType="25">0</Param>
                <Param name="Rate" type="TimerRate">5</Param>
              <E type="Condition" name="Comparison">
                <Param name="X" type="VarReference" varRefKind="Custom" varRefType="1" dataType="25">1</Param>
                <Param name="Y" type="VarReference" varRefKind="Custom" varRefType="0">0</Param>
                <Param name="Comparison" type="ComparisonType">2</Param>
              <E type="Condition" name="TimerIsZero">
                <Param name="Timer" type="TimerReference" varRefType="1" dataType="25">0</Param>
              <E type="Action" name="ChudMessage">
                <Param name="Target" type="TargetVar" targetType="Player" varRefType="0" dataType="25" />
                <Param name="MessageSound" type="SoundIndex">-1</Param>
                <Param name="MessageText" type="Tokens2" stringIndex="Random Stuff" />


    1. zeuzatila



      or give me a slayer gametype normal, but you have your startup dialog xml, or starting an unlocked but please help me man ... the only thing that interests me is that text and who better than you to help me.

      Sorry for my insistence;)

  3. General

    someone knows what the code for the rule mlg v7 so that finds no recoil zero bloom .. what´s your code in xml ?? CTF, slayer, and others gametypes ?? ¿Which it is the general rule v7 code zero bloom ?? code in megalo or what?
  4. man You know how to put or add the " Created by TrustySnooze " a gametype own ?
  5. it does not work , I do now ??
  6. Support

    hi guys I have tried to change the main menu halo reach , I've extracted the .dds images and / or .tif but not as injecting them back or replace them , use the adjutant to extract . which I use to import it ?
  7. the program ksoft does not encode the gametype, it is to display a message just started, my message string : and this is the trigger but it does not work, I have bad or I'm missing, thanks.