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  1. Support

    another problem i injecting the pelican from another campagin map, but it keeps falling threw the map and i cant drive it, why does this happen?
  2. Support

    Oh nevermind i done it, thanks for your help forerunner!
  3. Support

    done that it still doesn't work
  4. Support

    I was using a campaign map from halo 3 to extract the ODST Biped and to inject into sand trap so i can muck around with it, until i got this error. I've done everything correctly from this tutorial i followed: Here is the screenshot of the error: I need help
  5. Support

    if you still have the same problem i'll link you a working xex that loads modded maps.
  6. Support

    nevermind problem solved.
  7. Support

    yea i went to firefight it loads too 40% then says players failed to load content
  8. i recently downloaded Gamecheat13's Club Errera i loaded up firefight it goes to 40% then stops and says players failed to load content i have disabled cont-patch in dash launch and i have a modded xex and still doesn't work any way to fix this??
  9. Gears of War

    nevermind problem fixed just renamed the game and put the correct title ID
  10. when i was copying gears of war judgement to my harddrive on FSD it detects it as gears of war 3?
  11. disabled contpatch but it removed some anniversary maps still says players failed too load content and i have a xex that removes checks
  12. .MAP

    Damn i can't load any modded maps on halo reach keeps saying players failed to load content i have a modded xex.
  13. Support

  14. Support

    i need help patching the TU3 i dont know what to do!
  15. General

    never mind problem solved.