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  1. awesome. that's pretty much exactly what I wanted to know. thanks for the replies guys.
  2. Hi there. Very new to this site. Hoping you guys could help me get back into Halo 2 modding. Thanks in advance for the replies. I made my first post in Assembly - Blam Research Tool I suppose I should have made my first post here, but too late now. --- It's a rather long post. To summarize - I used to mod Halo 2 multiplayer maps using DotHalo. Had a lot of fun with it (always offline). I can't mod on Xbox anymore and now have a strong desire to mod Halo 2 Vista. My hangup is that I can't find any guides on how to do so. Looking to do very basic stuff to start off. Any links or feedback would help. --- On a related note - Is anyone currently able to play Halo 2 Vista online? (I'm asking about un-modded gaming in this question) In the summer I used H2Launcher and had no problems. Now my server lists are blank. Would love to battle again. One more very related question - If I made a modded .map and created a patch and someone else applied the patch, is it possible for myself and said other person to be able to play it against each other online?
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    This tool looks really really sweet. I've got a few questions regarding using it to mod Halo 2 Vista maps. 1) Are there any tutorials out there for this program? Tried a handful of Google searches, but nothing really came up. I'm just looking to do amateur stuff. Projectile swaps. Faster running. Rename weapons. That kinda deal. 2) Could someone help me with tags / plugins? This is what my tag list looks like for Headlong: If I click "Show unused classes", more tags show up, but they're not usable. And I'm guessing "unknown_description" isn't the norm. When attempting to edit the Warthog, my options in the Meta were originally really barren. Just as a hopeful guess, I copied vehi.xml from Assembly\1.0.4817.30869\Plugins\Halo2 and pasted it into the plugin editor, and that presented me with WAY more Meta editing options. Although this is what I wanted, I don't know how to revert it back to its original state. I'd really like to know how to reset to defaults for the times I totally mess things up. 3) How do I test my modded map out? I placed into C:\Users\david\Documents\My Games\Halo 2\Maps but it doesn't show up in the game when I try to choose a custom map. --- My Intentions: I used to have a lot of fun modding offline in Halo 2. I'd grab some friends and we'd play games against each other loaded with swapped textured super weapons. I had a lot of fun editing and playing like that. Sadly my Xbox is no more. I know couch multiplayer isn't a thing on PC, but if modded maps can be shared, I think it would be really awesome to play them with people online. User made maps are pretty great. I just want my creative flavor to be tasted by the community. Is this possible? I have zero intent to use my edits for cheating. Sadly, Halo 2 Vista servers are down right now, and have been for about a month. Hopefully that will change by the time I've got some maps changed up. Thanks people.