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  1. Support

    awesome thank you very much it worked
  2. Support

    I wrote obje in "Anticipated Tag Class" and then in spawned tag I chose "bloc" and then set and object and the velocity bounds but it's still not firing with speed
  3. Support

    thanks this is what I wanted I but I was wondering how to shoot something like a wall with speed rather than it just being static
  4. Hello, Been a while and getting back into modding. I was trying to fire walls out my weapon and was following an old tutorial for halo 3 but I can't seem to figure out how to get this to work in Assembly, thanks,
  5. Support

    EDIT got the firing but the objects like walls are stuck in mid air and have no physics Hey guys I was wondering how I would go about making my gun fire forge world blocks for example like a wall 5x5 I saw the tutorial for Halo 3 but the plugin on assambly does not have the value
  6. The map mario slayer freezes while loading can someone help me? All other custom maps work for me... here is a video of it freezing. Was told by the creator of the map to post here Edit Fixed* Thanks XephyrCraft