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  1. Hey Destiny! Nice catch on the username You've chosen a good community to be part of. Any mods you'd like to show-off? ^^
  2. Modding

    Sweet Jesus, that's some impressive work right there! I didn't realise Halo modding had come so far, methinks it's definitely time to break out Assembly again.. Does the Sabre have working heath? The problem with the longsword was that it lacked a hit box.
  3. Lurking is great, but don't hesitate to ask questions, especially if you've tried to make progress towards an objective! Check out the the tutorials section, I found it rather helpful! I think some more video walkthroughs would definitely help people though ^^
  4. Modding

    It's a mystery as to why no-one's succeeded in bringing the Sabre across.. Are there likely to be additional complexities in injecting/referencing it?
  5. Awesome stuff!
  6. Modding

    This topic has been awfully quiet for a while; anyone got any recent innovations? Sitrep.
  7. That's a very good point, one which I hadn't thought of, so I tip my hat to you for spotting it. That's not quite the case, the memory address for the list needs to come after the final entry. As you can see in the image below, there are only 4 bytes wasted, and those are padding (I believe). Ultimately, the ability to create new locale strings would solve this problem, but until then we face the problem of string scavenging. I didn't want to touch the xxspacerxx strings incase those were important to the engine for whatever reason, but now I know that they're not important, so I can use them in future. That's what happens when you write up a tutorial at 2am Thanks for your input, I'll remember those points for future notice. ^^
  8. Howdy, y'all! This is my first ever tutorial, so please don't shoot me if it's not up to scratch. Colour code: Orange - Steps Blue - Information Red - Potential pitfalls As a wise man (Xerax) once said, "Segoe UI makes everything beautiful." Nota bene: Expanding maps increases the loading time, so use infrequently. If you wish to be a smart modder, note down your final memory address for future use, then you can use the remaining space without needing to expand the map again. I only used 384/65536 bytes produced from expanding the map, so you could easily remake every forge menu without hitting the boundary. First, we need to expand our map to allow for extra data to be inserted into it. So, let's open command prompt and run the command to expand our map. The command format is as follows: "mapexpand.exe <map_name> <number_of_pages>". So having placed my map in the same directory as mapexpand, my command becomes: "mapexpand.exe 1". Having jotted down the blue underlined values, let's move onto the next step. Navigate to the "scnr" tag in the map you wish to mod, this is where the forge menu is kept. Search for "Sandbox Palette", this is the forge menu itself. Increase our chunk count by one, then move to the newly created chunk. (Or replace an existing one, which uses the same method, but I won't be following that route in this tutorial.) Now for a bit of basic maths :3, Windows Calculator will suffice in aiding with these arithmetic operations. Ensure that you're in hexadecimal mode. I should probably mention, "18" is a magic number which is the memory space allocated to each forge item entry, so when we're adding multiples of "18", this is because we're allowing for the menu entries in that chunk. Having calculated our memory addresses that we're going to be using, let's move onto the next step. Now comes the fun part, we're going to fill in the forge menu with our chosen objects. We'll be using the memory addresses we calculated earlier, starting at the base memory address, then moving onto the next address that we calculated. Because the items we're placing require strings (text) which isn't existent in the game, we'll need to add in our own custom text messages; this is called locale editing. You may think, "Oh wonderful! Loads of unused strings, I'm just going to use some of those.", but that's a bit of a pitfall. You're limited to using strings within the same category, in our situation, it's those in "ui\cui\strings\forge_strings". Find some strings which aren't crucial to game-play, such as help messages, then edit their values to provide the desired message. I'm hoping that Lord_Zedd or someone similar will figure out how to add new locale strings. Let's save our modified locale strings! I probably should have used a modified locale as an example, but it's the same principal, take the name of the locale (not the value) and use it as I have below. We're nearly done! Let's save our hard work and get outta here! Transfer it over to your XDK/JTAG/RGH/H4k3rb0x Restart the game. Ta-da! If you've done everything correctly, you should see a BEAUTIFUL forge menu, and the ability to spawn your objects.
  9. If you need mods recording, I have a working XDK and am willing to test things out for you.
  10. Support

    Interestingly, the fake trees on forge_world disappear for me when in split-screen.
  11. Howdy y'all: I'm having a spot of bother, my XDK has been playing up recently and I'd like someone here to look at dump file for me, just incase they can spot what I'm clearly missing. I would be immensely grateful for any help provided. Yours, Rob. Dump Summary------------Dump File: xboxkrnl.exe.dmpLast Write Time: 01/07/2013 20:43:58Process Name: xboxkrnld.exe : xboxkrnld.exeProcess Architecture: UNKNOWNException Code: 0xC00000FDException Information: The thread used up its stack.Heap Information: Present System Information------------------OS Version: 5.1.21076CLR Version(s): Modules-------Module Name Module Path Module Version----------- ----------- --------------xboxkrnld.exe xboxkrnld.exe xamd.dll xbdm.dll xstudiod.dll XIMECORE.dll halo3_cache_release.exe WaveShell-Xbox.dll WavesLibDLL.dll L360.dll Q10.dll
  12. Vonkova has been around for a long time, I remember him from iBotModz XD (My username used to be ixGAME_OVERxixx)
  13. .MAP

    Not a problem ^^ It may not seem fancy to you, but what you've managed to create amazes the hell out of an amateur modder like myself. It's really nice to see that the Halo Reach modding community is finally breaking out of its shell, I can only hope to ride along with the new wave of awesomeness.
  14. .MAP

    Wow, this is phenomenal! I'd certainly appreciate some kind of small tutorial series on how to produce such models, it's amazing how you've managed to create such vehicles and weaponry out of what's existent within the map. Certainly the best Halo Reach mod to date, way to set the bar!