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  1. Assault a Covenant occupied structure with a group of ODSTs. Eliminate the Honour Guards within and extend the bridge. This is a short 5-10 minute mini mission with custom player starting spawn with custom ally spawns. This mod if for 05_deltaapproach / Delta Halo Change Log: - Player is ODST - Increased player health, jump height, grenade toss velocity - Custom ally spawns - ODST skinned fp arms - Custom player spawn Map file download: Assembly patch: Screenshots:
  2. Looking forward to this!
  3. Hey ya'll, Scott here. I've been working on this mod for a while and now I have it in a state that I'm happy to release it in. I present to you a Brute Campaign mod for the mission The Great Journey. Video + Screenshots Download Links: Brute Campaign Mod: Assembly (to apply the patch): BluTrainer (third-person tool): Player changes: - Play as a Brute Captain - Increased player grenade toss velocity - Increased player jump height - Gave all Brutes recharging health (slow) - Working third-person melee animations Encounters: Attempted to incorporate as many of the unused spawns as possible in this mod, there is quite a few on the final level. - Extra friendly spawns at the beginning of the mission - Teammate spawn after the bridge section ALL encounters in the level have been changed, not all are just simple Brute to Elite conversions. - Inclusion of multiple Hunter encounters - Enemy encounters turned friendly encounters - Changed what spawns in weapons crates (as plasma pistol and needler spawns are useless for the player) Special Thanks To: xScruffyDaSasquatchx - for playtesting the mod, TobyMac01 - for suggestions.
  4. Is there a way to force Brutes to be in berserk mode without their whole squad being killed?
  5. Using Assembly, click on "create, apply, or poke patch", select the "apply patch" tab. "Patch to apply" is the file you downloaded, "Unmodified map" is the located in your Halo 2 maps directory, "Output map" is where you want the patched map to be placed.
  6. Is there anyway to make AI completely ignore the player with the use of assembly?
  7. Been working on a UNSC mod conversion for Sacred Icon (Quarantine Zone will follow). The mod should be released soon, just playing around with couple more enemy encounters. Here's a list of changes: player is a Marine, enemy and ally encounter changes, marine health recharge faction increased from 25% to 80%, removed first person hands, but kept weapons, increased marine player jump height and grenade toss velocity.
  8. I've figured out a way, its a bit messy atm - gonna clean it up a bit, poked that much crap.
  9. I've been messing around with the gravity throne . vehi tags, trying to find a way to make it so the driver can take damage from bullets - bullets just phase through the driver. I have no idea where or what I should be looking for, but I think it may be possible as seen in this clip (however this is in H2X and not H2V)
  10. It appears only explosion/splash damage hurts the rider. I'll see if anything in hlmt works.
  11. Depends if the marines are in the .map file. If so, an easy way to do this is: go to .scnr, search 'character palette', locate floodcombat_marine and swap it with marine and hit save. This will change all Flood Marines into Marines.
  12. Is there a way to change the AI's team association? Ie - Make Grunts on the human/player team. I've tried looking around and can't find anything, I've tried changing the value in the biped section from default to player and it makes no difference.
  13. I'm using Eschaton 8.1 to look at the tags, it seems to freeze when opening the scnr, should I use a different tool or am I doing something wrong?
  14. Yeah Combat Evolved, I'll give it a look, thanks.
  15. The method linked does work. "Now to explain how to enable animations for non-player characters, this example assumes you have changed your player representation in matg to elite. In Assembly search "jmad", open up the drop down and find "characters\elite\elite" Scroll down to the "modes" tab (for this example we will be enabling the melee animation for the elite player) In the "modes" drop down tab next to the heading, scroll through until you find combat, it will say that under the "modes" tab, next to "label" In the "weapon class" drop down, select what weapon classes you want to apply melee animations to (you will have to do the next step for all weapon classes as the values are different. -- In this example we'll give the player pistol melee animations-- Scroll through the drop down box until you find "pistol" In the "weapon type" drop down box, use the drop down tab to select "any". Open up the "actions" and "overlays" drop down boxes. In the "actions" drop down box, scroll through the tabs until you find "melee". In the "overlays" drop down, replace "wave" with "melee" and change the animation index value of the overlays box to match the animation index value of the actions box. Now your "overlays" tab should read -- Label "melee" -- Graph index "-1" -- Animation index "145" (this is the value for Hit save or poke (if the mission is open in game) to apply your changes."
  16. I've attempted modding Anniversary Campaign maps, I'm able to get the modding tools HMT3.5 and HHT to read the map and make changes to offset values and save. However when attempting to run the maps, the Xbox just restarts when loading into the mission. I've tried just changing offsets for bipeds - Crewman to Grunt, as well as actor variants and dependencies in the scenario tag, but nothing seems to work. Even though some of these things work on the PC version. Does anyone know why? I'm using a dev.xex, should I be using something else?
  17. Modding

    Bipds that do spawn: Masterchief Spartan AI Knight Marine M60 Bishop Crawler Bipds that don't spawn: Jackal Grunt Del Rio Lasky Hunter Elite Storm Marine
  18. Modding

    For some reason when trying to edit AI spawns in campaign it doesn't seem to work for some reason. On the level Infinity I've tried editing the spawning of the two Marines from the second rally point. I can change them into a knight and a spartan but when I attempt to make them a grunt or an elite nothing spawns. The same occurs on the level Reclaimer when changing the starting spartans into elites. Does anyone know a work around for this? Or does it just not work? Using Assembly btw and editing the spawns in squads (scnr) and tried changing the character palette.
  19. Modding

    I'm attempting to check whether the tags are loaded through spawning the bipeds with a gun, but the mission doesn't seem to load. I'm changing the storm_magnums 'initial projectile' to 'bipd' 'insert any biped here'. *edit* was able to get bipeds spawning via firing effects on the magnum. Will reply once I've tested all the spawn-able bipeds.
  20. Author: Sod Description: Halo 3 styled Cairo Station. ---------------------------------------- i. Information ii. Install Guide iii. Main Changes iv. Media v. Testers ---------------------------------------- i. Information This map is a re-do of the map 01b_spacestation, aka 'Cairo Station'. The aim of this mod is to give a Halo 3 esque feeling to the campaign and to give a fresh spin on the Halo 2 campaign. In this mod you'll fight alongside the UNSC and the Arbiter's Elites. Your enemies are Brutes, Jackals, Grunts, Hunters and Buggers. This level as a whole is more difficult than the original due to how bulky the Brutes are. I suggest that veteran Halo fans play this on Heroic/Legendary and those who are new to the franchise play it on Normal/Heroic. ---------------------------------------- ii. Install Guide Simply extract the map file from the zip, using 7zip or any zip extraction program and place the map file on your desktop. Make sure to back up your original from your Halo 2 directory. C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo 2\maps is the default directory, go here and replace with the one extracted to your desktop. Anytime you want to play the orginal map, place your backed up map file into the directory and over-ride. ---------------------------------------- iii. Main Changes - Elite Rangers have no jetpacks and act as Arbiter's special forces. - Squad size changes (enemies and allies) - Starting weapon changes. - Utilised removed squad encounters from Bungie. - Added Brutes and Jackals, when there previously wasn't any. ---------------------------------------- iv. Media ---------------------------------------- v. Testers Massive thanks to LingLing and UF ShadowTeddy for testing the map and providing feedback. Youtube Video: Download Link:
  21. Spawn what bipeds? What ones are you referencing?
  22. Thought I'd drop this map, I've been sitting on it for a while. The mod replaces the ODST's with each member of Noble Team (excluding Noble 6). .MAP name is cex_ff_halo *edit* Helps if I put the download link in:
  23. Hey everyone, back again with another mod inspired by KillsAlone ODST campaign mods. Here we have an ODST version of Delta Halo. The readme in the file will explain the changes and how to install. ODST Delta Halo: Screenshots:
  24. Support

    You can try editing the health regen times/health regen fractions in the characters respective char, ie Grunt, Grunt Major, Grunt Ultra. By giving a recharge fraction and times, it'll allow for the player Grunt and AI Grunts to regen health as time passes.
  25. Hey everyone, I was wondering if Assembly can edit Halo Combat evolved PC? Is there some 'FORMATS' I need to download for that folder? What's some good tools that can do the same as Assembly, if it doesn't work? Thanks