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  1. Hey Ya'll, It's been a good 10 days since my last tutorial. This can be due to the fact I have been Experimenting with Assembly. I had a tutorial in mind. But 10 days ago I was perplexed and dumbfounded with assembly. Now It's a piece of cake! ANY&ALL questions go in the comment box! When you use MR.MOHAWK You must: 1. Close Halo 2 2. Open the app 3. Change metas and other stuff. "Border Line Easy Modding with watered down features!" With assembly, You can open halo 2 and keep assembly open. For this tutorial we will be using: 03b_newmombasa AKA: Outskirts. How to fly the Pelican, Run Speed and Invincible Chief. First: Open your map: Click Open Content File... Second: Visit Tags Third: Find the Scenario Tag SCNR For short. Find: Scorpion CHANGE THIS TO PELICAN BY CLICKING THE ARROW NEXT TO IT POINTING DOWN. Now, Click the arrow ---> After to jump to the pelican tag Second, Go to seats: Flags, Uncheck Invisible and Invalid For Player Third, Change the Seat Animation to warthog_d QUICK POKE AKA Poke. Now Go to Halo 2 Vista and Restart the mission metropolis. Invincible Chief: Search for masterchief Open the hlmt tag Open: objects\characters\masterchief\masterchief Go down to NEW DAMAGE INFO Uncheck: Takes Shield Damage for Children, Takes Body Damage for Children. Then check Cannot die from damage! Quick poke AKA Poke. Run speed: Open the: MATG TAG: You can find this by search matg! Open globals\globals! Find: run by searching Change the highlighted Values, Run Forward Backward, Sideways, Acceleration! Thats all folks.
  2. Release V1: Features Flying warthogs Plasma PISTOL **CHARGED** Shoots rockets fast Flying WARTHOGS This IS NOT ALL I plan to do! Get it here!* VIRUS CHECKER *THIS URL IS USING A SSL --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Winter Haven - A map ran off of Extinction Coming Soon! Update: Map Renamed! Changing assets