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  1. Xephyr craft checked it out, and said it was very unusual, any other ideas?
  2. Yeah, i patched them, and placed them all in their correct locations, and it still doesn't work
  3. I have modded xexs for both games, cont patch is disabled, and it still says that players are missing content.
  4. Wait, so what do you mean by matching it? (Sorry, I'm new)
  5. No matter what, my rgh specifically can't play halo reach and 4 mods. It says "players do not have the required content". Conpatch is disabled l, and I've tried to load a campaign mission before starting, but still will not work. Any other ideas would be appreciated!
  6. Why can't I play any halo reach mods? It always says "players failed to load content....
  7. Nvm! I figured it out
  8. i put my halo 3 mythic default.xex in lord zedd's modded directory for that game. I disabled "read only", but when i run the install.bat, it just gives me the default.bak and not the modded xex please help!
  9. Did everything... bit when I ran the modded xex file it always crashes at the intro cutscene, plz halp :((