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  1. What this savepack includes: -Level 1-70 XP Lobby on Playthrough 4 (turn in Concordia missions) -Infinite Ammo (in the form of regenerating ammo) -Max Cash and Moonstones -Droppable Moonstones for other players -Modded Weapons that work after all patches -A 4th Playthrough with Level 165 enemies -Modded BAR for people on the PC Credits: varekplays of the Borderlands Modding Discord: Hybrid Weapon ideas and testing on the PlayStation |x RICK x| PS4: His PS3 Save packages that I used for my saves Download Link: Virus Scan: Join the Borderlands Modding Discord here:
  2. This video goes over how to: -Install the Community Patch v3.1 -Install Weapon Mods and other mods -Set Character and Level caps to Level 100 -Set Eridium cap all the way to 2147483647 -Set Backpack cap to 255 Credit goes to: shadowevil1996 (craig) - Community Patch video + tutorial c0dycode - Hex Editor Tool LightChaosman - UCP Tool/BL2.exe hex editing VariantLoki - His Incredible Hulk Rocket Launcher Anybody else who's worked on the community patch and community Github Thumbnail Credit:
  3. So, I was trying to play around with in-game projectiles by both poking memory and modifying the .map file itself, but in both situations noticed that the gun would shout blanks until I got to a certain point in a map. My guess is that the projectile resource I wanted the game to load isn't in active use, so that's why it acted non-existent. Is there a way to change projectiles of weapons in-game and have the projectile work constantly? I noticed it also does this with weapons too. If I try to force myself to spawn with the Hunter Beam Rifle, it only works when Hunters are in active use. Any way to fix this? I've been wondering about this for both Halo 3 and Halo: Reach.
  4. .MAP

    Patch Link:!kx1QnTgQ!IP-noH-JjxPsL8qlFWOcKDxick8PilLRmaWG_4l5-QE
  5. I've had FreeStyleDash all of this time and didn't even know it could take screenshots... I actually got a perfect screenshot from Halo 3 using it. Thank you! 4D5307E620170704160805368.bmp
  6. Modding

    I actually just finished creating the patch file! I just need to get a video of it uploaded along with the patch file! It's 159 MB, so it's a bit big for such a small map. (Ghost Town)
  7. Alright, I'll use the .ASMP format then. Thanks!
  8. Thank you guys for the help! I think I'll just stick with my current NAND at kernel 17511. I mean, I'd probably only use it for screenshotting, so I won't risk a brick for it.
  9. So, whenever I was making a patch for my custom map, I used Alteration to create a .patchdat. It was about 16.1 MB. I then used Assembly to create a .asmp file, and it was 154 MB. In terms of functionality, is there any difference between the two files? If I imported a lot of resources, which would be the best to use?
  10. So, I've been trying to use Neighborhood to take a screenshot of what goes on in-game. I also tried that with Assembly, and it always gives me images that look rather weird. I have used XBDM and XBDM SCSE, and both seem to do this. Also, I use this plugin over WiFi rather than Ethernet. As of right now, I have to use my Elgato to take screenshots. Is there a way I could fix this? Photo:
  11. Modding

    Considering I've never seen a .map mod for Ghost Town before, I decided to make one. It Ghost Town but reskinned to look like a Covenant City. All of the weapons have shader, projectile, and behavior mods. I have the Pelican, the Phantom, and a Suped-Up Antiair Wraith in it. I also edited what the Bungie Flames effect looks like, and made it so elites could have it too. Finally, the entire map has its shaders changed out. All I need to do is make modded versions of the Warthog, Shade Turret, Banshee, Mongoose, Hornet, Wraith, Scorpion, Prowler, and Chopper then I will be done! I know how to mod the vehicles, but really don't have any ideas as to what to do for them. If you all would like, you can put in ideas and if I add them, I'll put your name in the credits. Anyways, some screenshots of this will be below. (I do not own the that is in the background) Images can be found here:
  12. Support

    Thanks Zedd! I ended getting it working by adding the flaming_ninja marker and placing the effect under attachments. In the Forge UI, there were no Goal objects so I decided to make that an area for credits. When I finish the map, you'll be in the credits for this.