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    Programming, Graphic design, Modding Halo
  1. Hello Halo modders. I know Im not so much a part of this community although modding Halo is a big passion of mine. I would like to announce the alpha version of my Halo modding website. Im working to grow the community and hopefully this website will attract more people. The intention of the website is to capture and preserve the glory of Halo as it was under the development of Bungie. This means its only for Combat Evolved through Reach. I hope to create a complete archive of easter eggs, exploits, mods, maps and tutorials for all the games. Here is a preview of the alpha! You may join our Discord server here ->
  2. How to Host a Dedicated Server Mac El Capitan First of all I want to thank 002 and Sparky for helping me out on this and everybody else on Mac Gaming Mods and the Discord. -Download the "MD Dedicated Server" app for OS X here -Extract the folder and keep it on your desktop. (Inside it should look like this) -Read the Read Me.txt. -Double click the "install_maps" script to link your maps folder. -Open the "HaloMD Server". (You'll see this) This is because you need to update the Wineskin wrapper. -Make sure you have X11 installed. If not go here -To fix this error, right click "HaloMD Server" and click Show Package Contents. (It should look like this) -Make sure you have Wineskin Winery installed. You can find it here -Open the Wineskin in the "HaloMD Server" folder. (You will see this) -Click Advanced and then navigate to Tools. -Under Wrapper Tools click "Update Wrapper" twice. -Once you updated the wrapper, look at the bottom to make sure it is at the right version. Should say Wineskin 2.6.2 -You aren't done yet! You now need to install a new Wineskin engine. -Open the Wineskin Winery app you installed. -Click the + sign and choose WS8WINE1.1.10 -Click "Download and Install" -You may quit out of the app now and head back over to the Wineskin Wrapper. -Click "Change Engine Used" and select WS8Wine1.1.10 -You can now go back into the MD Server app folder and open the HaloMD Server app. Now the console opens up but you get another error. This is because SAPP is trying to auto-update. -Click on the drive_c folder inside the HaloMD Server app. -Then go to the HaloMD_Server folder. (Inside will look like this) -Go into the sapp folder and open the init.txt -Add this line to the bottom. auto_update 0 -You should now have no_lead 1 afk_kick 220 map_load crossing map_load barrier auto_update 0 -Now run the server app again and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Your HaloMD Dedicated Server is running on your Mac El Capitan Common Problems "Cannot allocate required memory. Some other application has loaded where Halo needs to be located." -Update the Wineskin Wrapper and install WSWine1.1.10 "Sapp Unloaded" -Make sure you added this line at the bottom of sapp's init.txt. auto_update 0 "Your CD Key is invalid" -Make sure Sapp is loaded. "Custom maps don't load." -I can't really figure this one out either. Try "My server won't show up in the HaloMD lobby." -Direct IP into your server. Exit out and it should now be broadcasting to the lobby. "Any other issue or concern. Please tell me in the replies and I'll try to figure it out"
  3. I invite any and all Xbox Chaos members to my Halo Modding Discord server -> Click Here This server is for all Halo games CE - Reach mainly.
  4. So I have an Xbox 360 Jasper and I recently bought a J-R Programmer and a Cool Runner to RGH my Xbox 360. I haven't started the process of RGH'ing yet but I have watched tutorials and in all of them, they have windows or something else but never a mac. I am a mac user and was wondering I can RGH with a mac operating system. I don't like using Wine or Parallels.