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  1. General

    Halo 3. I wish Reach didn't come out so more people would be on Halo 3. Halo 4 better not be too different from 3.
  2. Minecraft

    Edit: Made a new trailer last month.
  3. Minecraft

    Thanks! I just added a trailer we made last month.
  4. Something some people on my server made one day, hope you enjoy!
  5. I was banned from Xbox about 4-6 months ago and kinda just gave up on Xbox LIVE (I met Minecraft) because my account was four years old and I didn't want to start a new account and redo everything I have done. Is there any possible way I might be able to get unbanned? I am not console banned just account. Please don't post saying "You shouldn't have done whatever you did to get banned blah". Because that solution is already to late.
  6. Minecraft

    I would like to change hosts because right now im using Servercraft but they don't even let me access most my files. Also for the IP I get I would like a more custom IP. Anyone know any good hosts out there? I can spend up to $60/month. Anyone think this is a good deal? $55.95 (US) / £34.95 (UK) – 4GB RAM, 4GB Swap, 130GB Disk Space, 4TB Transfer, 1 IP, UK or US – 4Ghz CPU
  7. Minecraft

    I think I got a little to exited and went and bought the one Bloodraptor suggested. It was a lot better then my last one and has everything I need so I got that one. Thanks anyways.
  8. Minecraft

    I have people on my server that chip in for lots of it.
  9. Minecraft

    Then you must have a plugin that spawned it automatically or something because Giants are not known to spawn regularly without one. You should double check your permission nodes for moderators. I did /spawnmob giant in the game and said I had no permission.
  10. Minecraft

    An admin most of spawned that try /spawnmob giant 1 There really fun mob because there kinda like a boss in Minecraft. I wish Notch would have kept them in the game. There are client mods for single player for them and plugins for multiplayer.
  11. I modified my gamerscore and Avatar then got reset then perma banned I knew what I was getting into and I only wanted to do that on my main account to be safe, because I didn't think they would perma ban me for something like that. But thanks anyways.
  12. General

    Sorry I couldn't get the picture to post here, so just click the link. http://farm4.static....3cbed0126_o.jpg I think it was on the Photoshop forums, but I'm not sure.
  13. Description We are a small fun RPG community that has many plugins and we run the Spoutcraft plugin. We have an economy system, user created shops, towns, cities and a leveling system. Plungis and Mods There is the Levelcraft plugin where you can unlock the ability to use iron and diamond tools by leveling up. Also if you max out on your level you can earn a cap to show it off. We have the Spoutcraft mod that you have to download in order to play on this server, the mod allows new items, blocks and soon even more mobs to be added to the game. Levels are as follows. Rules The rules can be read at spawn, the most important one is no griefing. Ranks On this server we like everyone to have equal amount of power as possible that's why there is only 3 ranks. Admin Mayor Builder Donations We do accept donations but you will not get special abilities for donating but you can get in-game money. Look on our website for details. White-list We are a server with a White-list but if you get on the list it will be worth your while, you can get put on the White-list by going here Games We do have some fun games on the server such as some games that can be created with the Minecraft game and some with mods or plugins. There is Spleef, Amusement parks, clubs, treasure hunt (Find chests around the server full of rare items) and more games to come. Locations Old York - Very first town on the server and is where the spawn is located. Flat Lands - This is where all new comers on the server are welcome they can come here and build a house anywhere they please that's beside a road. Lakeside - This is a nice gated community that you have to be asked to live in. Rockies - The biggest town on the server with sky scrapers and mansions but also a neighborhood for smaller houses. Vice City - The newest city on the server with fun attractions like the casino and the CN Tower. Also with some large homes located next to Wally Word. (Amusement Park) Here is the Changelog: - Added plugin called "personal chest" which means there are dungeons also added Health bar. - Added capes for level mastery - New IP and new VPS fixed Texturepack and added SpoutTrade plugin - Fixed issue with Residence plugin and added Permissionsbukkit plugin - Added SpoutBackpack & SpoutEssentials - Added Spout plugin (Need Spout lancher to join) made server premium
  14. Minecraft

    There a some really good mods coming out for Spout, right now there is Music, texture, and better plugin support. Soon to come more blocks and items that will be able to be added to the game with this mod. You must have the mod now to join. Can be downloaded here -
  15. General

    Halo 3, it has a great leveling system that shows skill rather then time played like most recent online games.
  16. Minecraft

    Well I am on my site more then this one so that's a faster way to get on the white-list. But you can also post your username here as well. Ill make sure to check this post as much as possible, as long as people keep posting here.
  17. Minecraft

    If you want to spawn items that badly go Here it is a Single Player mod called ToMantItems. You can spawn anything in Single Player at any time.
  18. Minecraft

    I play on a paid account and play too, so yes. Also you can't spawn much on here either, other then Dirt, Wood and Stone. And that's only for mods.
  19. For the first time in history the right person gets elected.
  20. it dose not have anything to do with that, it was just a simple question that you cant answer. Another reason why Blood raptor is winning and will make a better moderator. He can understand poeples posts better.
  21. So you do agree with the fact you are not friendly?.. And Blood raptor would make a better moderator?
  22. Maybe but Blood raptor is nice all of the time, and also on more. He just seems more fit to be a moderator.
  23. It should be Blood raptor, when ever I come to this site he is always on. Also hes friendly. Unlike AKIMBO BUNNYZ.
  24. This Site

    Sorry if im posting this in the wrong spot. If there is a Admin that can change my name that would be awsome. Id like the username: HockeyMike24 I have not been on here in a little while, I was still trying to learn more about my dev, and now that I do ill try to be more active.
  25. This Site

    both please, to: HockeyMike24