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  1. Yes it's possible via tagtool.
  2. Support

    Goto into campaign, wait for it too load then back out and fire up Club Errera! Ensure you have; cont-patch disabled And a modified .xex
  3. Modding

  4. Halo CE Build 2276 Halo PC Beta 1.5 Shadowrun "Halo" Prototype Halo Wars "Sway" Alpha And for 11729, I don't own a copy.
  5. Mind making download links lol?
  6. I have the Halo 4 Network Test
  7. Everything was fine until i injected some campaign vehicles, this is annoying me. I click continue and my map doesn't load lmao
  8. General

    Nice man, I'll give it a try
  9. Support

    If i was you, I'll just extract the phantom tag from someone else's modded map and inject it into yours.
  10. you got any modded .xexs, i cant be bothered finishing all the levels to get to delta halo lol
  11. .MAP

    Step 7) Setting Spawns Open up your Clean multiplayer map again and grab the invisible spawn point, extract with raw. I don't know where to find the "invisible spawn point