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  1. This is amazing, I guess you never got this done tho
  2. I was going through websites trying to find Beta builds of Halo 3 (which I didn't find pls help) then I came across this Fan-made halo game unreleased beta build, I'll be more than happy to share the copy of the beta build just message me on twitter @Cserleo Pretty sure it's the exact same game as "Halo: Zero" The main objectives are; Mission 1- Kill the first wave of grunts (do not allow them to reach the captain). Mission 2- Infiltrate the chemical plant silently. You can trigger only 3 alarms. Mission 3- Kill the Giant Elite. You can also use the tank situated at the end of the area. Mission 4- Use the warthog to jump over the chemical boxes then kill floods using the flamethrower. Mission 5- Retrieve the ID tags owned by the infected marines. Mission 6- Same as mission 5. System requirements; Best performing requirements are at least a 1,4 Ghz processor and 256 Mb of RAM. It runs at a 512 X 384 resolution in full screen.
  3. .MAP

    Yes the Marine AI / Biped work fine for me just doesn't work in theater
  4. .MAP

    Oh yeah forgot to mention, it only freezes whenever the Marine / ODST / Brute biped is spawned.
  5. .MAP

    Tested it out it works fine. Only problem is that my Xbox freezes whenever i go into theater.
  6. .MAP

    Amazing dude, really like this mod. Is their anyway to add these bipeds to Gamecheat's AI Playground?
  7. General

    Alright I'll give that a shot, thanks Lehvak
  8. General

    Which also gives me the same error
  9. General

    And I used GameCheat's AI spawns.
  10. General

    I decided to go with the effect method, I've done everything on the tutorial, but once i inject the tag into 100_citadel_mp i get this error. And sometimes when the injections are successful, i cannot find any spawn points.
  11. General

    I'll try spawning them using the scenery method, but I haven't heard seen a tutorial about the effect spawning method.
  12. General

    What if I use the forge menu / Platte from the Halo 3 AI Playground map, will that slide in just fine or do I also need to null and fix some stuff?
  13. General

    My mistake, I was showing what halo 3 mod that I downloaded, it was "The Covenant" on Gamecheat's GameDepot, I was in a rush so yeah lol. Do you have the answer to this problem tho?
  14. Hey XboxChaos, I've recently just downloaded these two maps that Gamecheat13 created: and also this: now since these games are very similar with the engine their bothing running. The ODST map contains AI while the Halo 3 campaign map with forge doesnt contain AI, i am just wondering can i some how transfer the tags from the modded odst map and inject it to the halo 3 campaign map with AI without any issues?
  15. Save

    nevermind, its solved.