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  1. General

    I only see the map files from that link. Any idea where we could get the images and info files?
  2. .MAP

    Are your "unmodified" maps clean? Are you also on the English version of the game?
  3. .MAP

    They seem to work for me just fine.
  4. General

    You can't mod the MCC, or anything on the Xbox One.
  5. .MAP

    Try these clean maps and xex, and use the patches on them.!Y9pFCYbZ!wiHT75ebrWpvtNpfEMr8_A
  6. .MAP

    I nulled everything in the mission specific sefc tag.
  7. This is Halo Reach: Evolved, my first large-scale modding project. More details + the download link can be found here:
  8. Salutations, and welcome to Halo Reach: Evolved, my first modding project. This is a campaign overhaul for Halo Reach that aims to bring in certain aspects from the original trilogy of Halo games, edit some of the enemy encounters, and alters the weapon and vehicle sandbox to give each tool of destruction its own distinct niche in the game, similarly to how every available weapon in Halo: Combat Evolved had a unique role to fill in that game. Preview: Changes: General: Armor Ability usage is removed with the exception of the Jetpacks on Exodus since it's required to finish the level. Player movement speed is 10% faster and jump height is 25% higher. Carry up to 4 of each type of grenade, and frag grenades only explode "when at rest" like they do in Halo: CE. Crosshair has been moved slightly upwards on the screen. Film Grain effects removed from each mission. Edited encounters on some of the missions. Weapons: MA37 Assault Rifle is now called the MA37B; like in CE, it has a 60 round magazine, fires in 15 rounds per second, and has a wide firing spread. M6G Magnum is now the XM6D, a prototype of the famous Halo 1 Pistol: 12 round magazine, full-auto capability like in CE, slightly higher damage per shot than the standard Reach pistol, and the exact same bloom mechanics from the multiplayer version of the CE Pistol. M392 DMR is now the M392 Battle Rifle: 2x magnification, 3-round bursts, zero-bloom, and a sage-green numbers plate like in the Reach Beta. Needle Rifle has a 4x magnification, double the damage per shot than standard Reach NR, only takes 2 needles to supercombine unshielded enemies, but has a slower rate of fire and only a magazine size of 10 needles. Plasma Repeater is now the Plasma Spate: 5-round burst plasma weapon that works well in close-mid range firefights. Also uses a new reddish-Pink color scheme. Plasma Rifle's damage has been buffed to Combat Evolved levels of power, and it uses a color scheme that's reminiscent of the CE variant. Spiker is now the Eviscerator: a fully-automatic Brute shotgun that fires 5 spikes per shot, with a max range of 15 world units. Fuel Rod Gun now takes heavy inspiration from the Combat Evolved variant: battery-powered, dark-purple color scheme, a more pronounced arc for the projectile, and a wider firing spread. Sniper Rifle fires about as fast as the Halo 1 and Halo 2 variants, but its heavy vehicle damage has been significantly reduced. Rocket Launcher now locks on to ground vehicles as well as aircraft a la the Halo 2 variant. Spartan Laser has one extra shot, giving it 5 total like its Halo 3 counterpart. Energy Sword is no longer usable and will detonate when an enemy drops it. Plasma Launcher is no longer usable and will detonate when an enemy drops it. Vehicles: All vehicles received a 50% base health increase. Warthog Chaingun received an accuracy buff, returning it to its Halo 3-era settings. Mounted Machine Gun Turret received an accuracy and damage buff, but at the cost of a slow start-up time, returning it to its Halo 3-era settings. Two more have been added at the end of The Package. Rocket Warthog's projectiles do 50% more damage. Falcon Chin Gun is now fully automatic with an overheat function. The Revenant is now the Apparition, a mobile Covenant Flamethrower platform that does massive damage to infantry, but has a worse heavy vehicle matchup. Characters: Noble Team shares a primary Sage color, mirroring the old Fall of Reach concept that all Spartans donned this color. All Grunts wear the Minor's backpack. Majors are a more defined red like their original trilogy counterparts. Heavys are a more defined green like their original trilogy counterparts. Spec Ops are a more defined dark-purple like their original trilogy counterparts. Elite Officers, Ultras, and Zealots wear the Minor armor, and the Field Marshall wears the Officer armor. Elite Zealots and Field Marshall are in solid gold, with Zealots wearing a Black secondary. Elite Generals now use the old purple Zealot colors. Elite Officers wear a more defined red color like the Majors did in the original trilogy. Elite Ultras and those of a higher rank will pull out an Energy Sword when they berserk. Hunters can now be boarded from behind once their back armor is broken off. Shoutouts: AltSierra117 - for helping me figure out shader editing, weapon/equipment swapping in the scnr tags, hunter boarding, CHDT swapping, AI Generic Firing Pattern editing, and a bunch more stuff. Lord Zedd - helping me get the gate on Sword Base to open when I swapped out the Target Locator for the Rocket Launcher, helping me figure out some things relating to squad editing, and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember rn. Gamecheat13 - for various ideas JJIJR - Flame Projectile for the Apparition. Download Link:!AgBNuu4h4p5cxCYa80zapaPWolnH
  9. General

    Experimentation. Adjust the values for each argument until you find the results you're looking for. Typically, the arguments you'll want to change have values that look something like "0.6384643" or something, but other arguments with solid 1s or 0s might affect a weapon's color, as well.
  11. Modding

    I have no idea where to start when it comes to learning how to do that. I'm somewhat new to modding, myself. Where can I go to learn how to alter an existing script to add a new ai_place?
  12. Halo: CE

    Yeah, there's been plenty of OG Xbox ports of Custom Edition maps. I believe that's what Arsenic's capable of doing.
  13. Modding

    No, but I didn't even need to do that for the Nightfall Hunters that I added. Where would I make one?
  14. I followed this tutorial by Lehvak on how to place new squads in a map: With this method, I was able to spawn a new pair of Hunters (as well as an Elite General, but it's not present in the following video since I recorded it before I placed the new Elite) at the end of Nightfall, as shown here: However, I'm trying to follow this method on other maps, and nothing I try works. At this moment, I'd like for a few Brutes to spawn next to the Hunters in Club Errera on New Alexandria. I made sure that the appropriate Designer Zonesets were enabled for that BSP (the Brute Minor and the Brute Captain are in the "Gameplay" Zoneset on New Alexandria, which is 1, and it was already enabled in the first place). Here's what I have set up. I made three new squads for each Brute that I want to spawn (2 Minors and a Captain) and they essentially follow the same settings as each other besides the spawn coordinates and the character indexes which is 3 for Brute Minor and 8 for Brute Major. I tried copying the values used for the Hunters that spawn in the same area, which I did for my new Nightfall encounter.
  15. General

    Trial and error.