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  1. You need an ethernet cable plugged into your Xbox and have it connected to your router. I believe Zedd's making a bypass for it anyway.
  2. .MAP

    Nice, was hoping I wouldn't have to manually pan with the camera ingame w/ Blind Skull turned on.
  3. .MAP

    Good shit! I can see myself recording some nice shots with these!
  4. The Multiplayer Alpha for Halo 2 finally released last week and is available to the public. Also, the Halo 2 Beta is playable over System Link as well. Below are some useful links. Download link. BTB Gameplay. Halo 2 Alpha/Beta Discord server Halo 2 Beta Download Link Halo 2 Beta Lockout DLC (required for online play!) Halo 2 Beta System Link Gameplay
  5. Hope you all enjoy! This took a while to make lol
  6. General

    Which days work for you? It'd be awesome to play with you in particular
  7. Salutations, everyone. I'm The Vengeful 'Vadam and for those who don't know me, I'm a Halo YouTuber who recently made videos of the Halo 2 and Halo 3 betas and did full analyses on both of them. This time, I'm going to tackle the Halo Reach beta (specifically the "Delta", or the public Beta that was released to the public in early 2010), and I'm going to need help with this one. I'm going to need 10 extra people (excluding myself and one other person who has agreed to help me with this project) to join me over Xlink Kai in the "Halo Reach USA" room, and all we'll be doing is playing various game types such as Invasion, Spartan vs Elite Slayer, CTF, Network Test 1, and many others. I feel that having footage of full 6v6 (Invasion) 4v4 (standard MP games) and 3v3 (Network Test 1) games of the Reach beta made in the year 2017 will make this next beta analysis our best and most informative one yet. MAKE SURE YOUR MAP FILES ARE CLEAN AND UNTOUCHED! OTHERWISE, YOU WONT BE ABLE TO JOIN ANY OF OUR GAMES! If you're interested, simply reply to this thread with your preferred alias so I can appropriately credit each and every one of you that offers to help me with this project. If more than 10 people somehow comment here, I'll set up multiple sessions so everyone gets a chance to play. I'd like to have this set up this coming Tuesday @ 8pm Eastern Standard time. If this time doesn't work for most of you, let me know and I'll attempt to adjust accordingly, and even then I'll be doing more than one session, most likely on another day. Thank you for your time. [Full Analysis of the Halo 2 Beta] [Full Analysis of the Halo 3 Beta]