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  1. Modding

    Here's what I was able to do with the Flight, but no Assembly. I used HxD.
  2. .MAP

    Reach Evolved is making its way to PC!
  3. .MAP

    Important disclaimer: On New Alexandria when attacking the Hunters in the Disco Room, do NOT board them AFTER destroying the jammer. If you do, the game thinks you're back in your Falcon and it'll de-load the entire area as well as everything in that BSP's vicinity, including yourself since you'd be attached to a Hunter. I don't know a way to fix this as the script itself is super important to the mission in order to prevent massive frame rate drops, I believe. You can board the Hunters just fine beforehand, though. Also, the Hunters that show up in the side missions will do the same thing, so I don't recommend boarding them period and just kill them with your Falcon or via whatever other means you wish.
  4. Halo: Reach Evolved v2 Media Blowout! Video Preview: Elites Dual-wielding other weapons: Blue-colored sights on Shotgun: Troop Transport Hog on ONI Sword Base Plasma Caster and new Spec-Ops Elite
  5. .MAP

    Salutations! I'm here to inform you guys that Version 2 of Halo Reach: Evolved is out now! The OP will be updated with new information! I'm still editing the non-centered crosshair maps, but some are finished. EDIT: Fixed an oversight on m35 (Tip of the Spear) where Kat still used her v1 armor colors in the cutscene. Fix applied to both standard and uncentered crosshair patches.
  6. .MAP

    You absolutely need a modded console to play it. A technician won't make that happen.
  7. Yeah, I'm gonna have all of my Spec Ops Grunts use Plasma Rifles.
  8. Sorry for the double post, but I wanted to say that my Zealot Champion that I posted here a while ago is now in my Reach: Evolved campaign.
  9. I actually didn't use that method. What I ended up doing was re-purposing some concussion rifle projectile assets (specifically the ligh, ltvl, and lens tags) and placing them in the attachments box in the repeater's proj tag, replacing whatever the repeater used in those slots beforehand. However, I kept the actual projectile effe tag of the repeater intact to keep that shape. Then, I went to the projectile effect tag and swapped out the contrail tag for the grenade launcher's. It's actually convenient that I used the Grenade Launcher's cntl tag because it comes with a small smoke trail, which fit the fiery-like aesthetic I was looking for. You'll also have to toy with the impact effects because if you don't, you'll end up with blue effects coming from a red projectile.
  10. I'm giving the Brutes a new weapon in Halo Reach Evolved: The Brute Plasma Spate. Unlike the regular version, it fires in slow 4-round bursts, is much less accurate, and isn't as heat-efficient, but it makes up for it with tremendous stopping power.
  11. I'm trying to make a Stalker variant for Reach Evolved, and I'm using Exodus as my test map. I made a new variant of Brute in its .hlmt, then duped the brute_major char tag, changed the variant name to Stalker (already had the string in the map files anyway, assuming leftover from H3), set the variant index to 2, then gave it the Active Camouflage equipment. However, when spawning one ingame, they remain visible and don't use active camo. How would I go about changing that? On the subject of non-Chieftain Brutes, is it possible to give them energy shielding, and what would I need to do for that?
  12. Modding

    Halo Reach: Evolved guy here. I'm working on the mod again, and I'm making a new Brute variant of the Plasma Spate, which for those who don't know, is a modified Plasma Repeater that fires in bursts instead of traditional full-auto. Anyway, this Brute variant fires slow 4-round bursts in player hands, but in the hands of AI, its bursts are unnaturally fast. Here's a video example of what I mean:!AgBNuu4h4p5cxlrA7JpGaxIoOaOC?e=lqI7j2 For some context, here's some of the weapon and AI generic stats that I feel are related to this topic: Weapon Properties: ai/generic Firing Pattern properties: From my experience, decreasing the rate of fire simply decreases the amount of bursts being fired at a time instead of decreasing the rate of the burst itself. I'm kind of at a loss here tbh
  13. Modding

    Can't this be changed in the Player Starting Profile box inside the scenario tag? I haven't messed around with H4 map files, so idk if perhaps that's due to the scenario loadout having the player respawn in a Ghost during this part of the mission, or if it's a script.
  14. They need to be spawned in via scripts. A good person to ask about this is Akarias. He helped me out with some basic AI squad spawns for Reach.
  15. .MAP

    If the mod tools are readily available when it drops, yes.