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  1. I followed this tutorial by Lehvak on how to place new squads in a map: With this method, I was able to spawn a new pair of Hunters (as well as an Elite General, but it's not present in the following video since I recorded it before I placed the new Elite) at the end of Nightfall, as shown here: However, I'm trying to follow this method on other maps, and nothing I try works. At this moment, I'd like for a few Brutes to spawn next to the Hunters in Club Errera on New Alexandria. I made sure that the appropriate Designer Zonesets were enabled for that BSP (the Brute Minor and the Brute Captain are in the "Gameplay" Zoneset on New Alexandria, which is 1, and it was already enabled in the first place). Here's what I have set up. I made three new squads for each Brute that I want to spawn (2 Minors and a Captain) and they essentially follow the same settings as each other besides the spawn coordinates and the character indexes which is 3 for Brute Minor and 8 for Brute Major. I tried copying the values used for the Hunters that spawn in the same area, which I did for my new Nightfall encounter.
  2. Modding

    I have no idea where to start when it comes to learning how to do that. I'm somewhat new to modding, myself. Where can I go to learn how to alter an existing script to add a new ai_place?
  3. Halo: CE

    Yeah, there's been plenty of OG Xbox ports of Custom Edition maps. I believe that's what Arsenic's capable of doing.
  4. Modding

    No, but I didn't even need to do that for the Nightfall Hunters that I added. Where would I make one?
  5. General

    Trial and error.
  6. So I know HOW to remove equipment from the campaign maps; going to the scenario tag, to the equipment box, and change any instance of the AAs to -1 in the Palette Index box. However, some of the campaign missions will only have a single palette index number for ALL of the Equipment slots for the level, and I have no idea which slot to make the change to. Anyone know what to do in this situation? Edit: nvm, I got it figured out. I had to find the equipment boxes in the scenery box. Thanks Zedd!
  7. General

    You go into the .rmsh tags for your selected weapon/vehicle/whatever else and edit the values in the Arguments box. For example, in the 9th Argument for this Plasma Repeater's .rmsh tag, I have the values set to: Red: 1 Green: 0.1 Blue: 1 Magnitude: 1
  8. In a campaign mod that I'm making, I'm having the sword detonate like it does in CE, and I'd like it so the player cannot pick it up. There's a flag in the weapon tag called "cannot be used by player" but it never works for me, and I'm still able to pick up the sword even after I removed the pickup strings for it.
  9. Thanks! It worked!
  10. I'm trying to edit the Sniper Rifle to do less vehicle damage, for example.
  11. These are a couple of previews for a Reach campaign mod that I'm working on (haven't thought of a name just yet) that will take queues from the original trilogy of Halo games, as well as some liberties that I plan to throw into the mix. Examples include the lack of Armor Ability use except for the Jetpacks on Exodus, increased base speed and jump height, the visual tweaking of Noble Team and the Elites, and a whole suite of weapon changes that will drastically affect how the game is played. I'll be making a main post on here once all of the changes that I want to make for the campaign is done.
  12. Modding

    Editing those values will affect how both the Sniper and the Wraith would deal with other targets, though. If I made the Sniper's bullets weaker, then it'd be weaker vs everything else, and if I made the Wraith more durable, then it'd be stronger vs just about anything. There's nothing I can do to make the sniper only be specifically weaker vs vehicular materials?
  13. Yo, awesome work! If you want to test these maps over system link, we over at Halo Xlink central would be happy to have you:
  14. Modding

    I got the number plates figured out. This will probably be the closest I can get to the Beta variant since it uses a different font entirely, and I believe the lighting's handled slightly different there, as well. R=1, G=0.4, B=0.12 Thanks for all the help, guys!
  15. I'm referring to the actual numbers on the weapon itself that show how much ammo is left in the magazine. I'd like to change the color to match the beta's DMR.
  16. Modding

    Speaking of which, how exactly did you change the colors for those Plasma Rifles to make them look that green?
  17. .MAP

    I can't get any dds files to show the preview in DXTBMP. I'm stuck :/
  18. Modding

    I am using Assembly. I'm working on a Reach campaign mod that fundamentally changes many aspects of the sandbox,and I want a few visual changes here and there. I assume I have to go into the DMR's bitmap tag? I don't really know much about extracting and importing tags/files, either. I'm still new to all this haha
  19. General

    The map files besides the main menu can't be accessed in Mega. They're un-decrypted.
  20. The Multiplayer Alpha for Halo 2 finally released last week and is available to the public. Also, the Halo 2 Beta is playable over System Link as well. Below are some useful links. Download link. BTB Gameplay. Halo 2 Alpha/Beta Discord server Halo 2 Beta Download Link Halo 2 Beta Lockout DLC (required for online play!) Halo 2 Beta System Link Gameplay
  21. You need an ethernet cable plugged into your Xbox and have it connected to your router. I believe Zedd's making a bypass for it anyway.
  22. .MAP

    Nice, was hoping I wouldn't have to manually pan with the camera ingame w/ Blind Skull turned on.
  23. .MAP

    Good shit! I can see myself recording some nice shots with these!
  24. Hope you all enjoy! This took a while to make lol