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  1. I've been trying to figure this out, especially with the Halo CE Beta Builds!
  2. Modding

    GeneralKidd managed to do it, but the only hint I got was change all the roster unfocused UI's asset indexs to 1951 in Assembly for the, and that's for the Pro nameplate, if anyone knows where to find that if they have found it before, please let me know, any help would be appreciated
  3. I got the ones for the anniversary maps, I have the other map packs downloaded but it didn't come with any image files or the map info files, does anyone have a copy of that by any chance or know where I can find a copy?
  4. Here's some gameplay I uploaded last night of the mod, for those who don't have an RGH or JTAG
  5. I've been looking for a title update patch for Reach for ages now and had no luck. Thank you for having an xex modded and tile update patched, I can finally get the DLC maps working, hopefully
  6. Now I have something to showcase when I make the update video on my RGH console, amazing work! A friend messaged me about this mod
  7. Support

    So I take there there is no fix for this issue? I only found one region free title update for Reach and that doesn't even work with the patcher to patch the .xex
  8. Support

    I'm not entirely sure how guys like GameCheat13 and Lord Zedd did it but I think you need to disable a few scripts, at least with whatever causes the game over script to kick in.
  9. So if I download and install that, I can fully install Xbox 360 Neighborhood?
  10. I believe those are case mods only. Like there's no actual modded software installed
  11. Halo 2 Alpha Halo 2 Beta Halo 3 Epsilon 11729 Halo 3 Epsilon 11856 Halo 3 Beta Halo Reach Pre Beta Release Halo Reach Beta
  12. Is our version of Xbox 360 Neighborhood secretly pirated? Does it need to connect to a Microsoft XDK server or something for that? That's what I don't get. Is there anything I can do to perform a full install of Xbox 360 Neighborhood?
  13. Sadly I don't think there's an option
  14. General

    If anyone wants to play some Halo 3 via LiNK I am down for that.
  15. Like for example, say I want the 7th column or Bungie nameplate in Halo 3 to appear on my player profile, is there anyway I can do that offline or is that server controlled by Bungie?