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  1. Yeah.
  2. This does work. I just did it and here are the results. I know this is an old thread but I thought I'd post just to help anyone else who comes across this. For those who had issues, the OP should've been clearer on what they meant by changing the X, Y, and Z Centers. The values you change are in the "Inverse Position x", "Inverse Position y", and "Inverse Position z" boxes under Nodes. I'm guessing anyone who said this did nothing changed the values in the "Default Translation x", "Default Translation y", and "Default Translation z" boxes under Nodes instead, which I can confirm appears to do nothing to alter the mongoose's appearance. There is the issue of having two wheels appear up front when turning and the front left axel sticking out, but I'm guessing you can get rid of the wheel by editing it's shader or shrinking it? And possibly the same for the axel piece? This isn't an issue for the back wheels as they don't turn for steering.
  3. Anniversary

    Same problem for me. I can't get it to work on Windows 10 running as administrator. I tried to change the compatibility to run under Windows XP, Vista, and 7 and it still didn't work.
  4. General

    I have 1 Xbox One, 2 Xbox 360s, and 4 original Xbox consoles. As for portable, I have a Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Advance SP, and a PSP-1000 (the original one).
  5. .MAP

    That's a shame.
  6. That makes sense. I changed the string values corresponding to the gun image it shows on the HUD to <_smg> so it now shows a normal SMG. I'll try to post some screenshots of strings and tags later, as well as continue to see what I can figure out, but I made some progress when I was working on it. Thanks for your help!
  7. I'm pretty new to modding. It's something I've always wanted to learn ever since Halo 2 mods, and I finally have the hardware to be able to do it. I've figured out quite a few things on my own (through experimenting and many game crashes) and have also been searching and reading through a lot of threads on this site. I'm working on a .map mod now in Halo 3 where I really want to have the Silenced SMG from Halo 3 ODST functioning. Initially I didn't realize how I needed to fix a bunch of the things in the injected tag until the first time I tried to spawn it. I spent a good amount of time correcting and comparing the injected tag with where I got it from (the h100 map). Then I tried again, and while I got a better result, I'm still having issues. I could just use a little guidance. I know my strings are messed up, but I really know very little about strings so that was me just copying and editing the strings for the normal SMG because logically I was thinking that would work. It kind of did? Anyway, I'd really appreciate if someone could help me with this! Here's how far I've gotten with the SMG: Halo 3: Injecting Silenced SMG [YouTube]
  8. I injected it from The Covenant (100_citadel) so I should be good on that. I'll start with this and work my way through my issues. Thanks! Update: I downloaded HEX Workshop and that's where I'm stuck (step 9). I don't have any experience with a HEX editor nor do I understand HEX code, so darn.
  9. I have injected an ODST and have swapped my player model in MATG to play as that, but I couldn't find a tag for fp_body and fp_arms for the ODST. So I'm stuck using the master chief_fp tags for those. Do they exist as another name? I tried finding them on the 100_citadel map where I got the ODST tag, but didn't find them. But my main questions concerning this are how do I get in vehicles now, and how can I use turrets & equipment like the weapon jammer, etc.? I'm not getting prompted and can't enter a vehicle or use equipment. Lastly for now, I'm not sure how to get dual wielding working correctly for the ODST, but as it is now (not working right) it allows me to have 4 weapons (although the dual wielding ones appear to share ammo?). However, I did figure out how to throw grenades farther (the animation is funny since it use the ODST's lol) and alter movement speed so I'm learning which is good. And as a sidenote I figured out how to change the FOV, so I put that at 90. Anyway, I'd really appreciate if someone could help me with this stuff! TLDR list of things I need help with (that I've figured out don't work right): First person appearance of arms Can't operate vehicles or turrets Can't use equipment Broken dual wielding Can't melee when crouched My progress on it and some issues so far: Functional ODST injection progress [YouTube]
  10. Support

    Because I want to learn. I won't learn if I don't ask.
  11. Support

    Just trying to learn by reading through the forums. This site doesn't seem to be very active anymore so starting a bunch of new threads probably wouldn't really help me much. And I'm pretty new to modding so I don't really know how to do much, so I'd be creating too many threads lol.
  12. Interesting. I figured out how to do this by just tinkering and guessing that could work. However, I didn't enter my custom MAP ID in the .map file. I just changed the MAP ID in the .mapinfo file but it still shows up as a separate map in the game.
  13. Support

    Is the first method outdated now or do you still have to use map expand and do everything the same way?
  14. Support

    No worries. I hope I have luck with it when I get to it. I've crashed my game a bunch but I'm slowly learning as a result so hopefully I can figure it out.
  15. Modding

    I like it. I'm starting to learn a bit about modding Halo now so it's nice to see there are still some active people here.
  16. Support

    Ok. I also want the same thing so I'll be looking into it. But I'm really just recently learning how to mod using Assembly.
  17. .MAP

    I've tried this with an ODST I injected into Blackout ( from the and I can't get it to work. My custom string I added under ui\global_strings\global_strings has a "StringID" of "odst" and "Value" of "ODST". I had a custom string for entering the ODST under ui\hud\hud_messages with a "StringID" of "odst_d" and "Value of Hold <_button_action_reload/> to posses the ODST.", but I removed that b/c I'm not quite sure if I did that correctly anyway. Everything else I did the same as the tutorial, but when I shoot the ODST biped out of a Plasma Pistol, I can't get in it. I'm a little stumped with this. Help would be much appreciated! Update: I just tried this whole process with the Truth biped as well and am having the same result. This time I did exactly as you did with the custom string under ui\global_strings\global_strings, putting the "StringID" as "Custom0015" and Value as "Custom0015". I followed everything else the exact same as well. P.S. Ideally, I would like to just replace the Spartan model with an ODST so you can just play as an ODST that way on this map, but I don't know how to do that and I still want to learn this.
  18. Modding

    Did you ever finish this?
  19. Support

    Did you ever figure out how to do this?
  20. It might be the version (language/region) of the game you have.
  21. This is awesome.
  22. .MAP

    Do you have an updated link for this?
  23. Modding

    The link is broken. Please fix.
  24. Other

    The better question is then why is he on a modding site?
  25. This looks awesome! I'm going to take a look at this for sure. I didn't even remember what the base map was, but then I figured out it's Highlands. Nice work!