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    To preface what this topic is about, it's about the recent banning of Professional as well as the general outlook on modding or contributing to it. I'd like to go in depth and bring up some simple concepts and ask you to weigh what I say then re-evaluate his ban. So I'd like to start off with one simple thing, the reasons for his banning (to my knowledge) are his help with updating an offset that was used in the following video: - Video Link So if I'm understanding correctly, you banned him because he helped someone? Even then, there is no proof other than a one line sentence in a description. The facts behind this are this: The offset was updated because it was released PUBLICLY on this site. It got updated and it wasn't even released publicly. If you didn't truly want it known, you shouldn't have released it. That's on you. It was made into an xex not an RTE and it wasn't done through Assembly or anything and it was given to Slim Shady. So help me to understand the issue? Let's just say you banned him because he contributed to something that can be used online. Wait though, the admins of this site have released things publicly that have affected online play more than any other tool out there, i.e Assembly. So why don't you ban yourselves? OHHH WAIT, that's right. It's because you guys are the admins. Pardon me. This site used to literally praise people for making things, and now you guys just think you're above everyone else and completely despise anything online related despite having taking stances with it in the past. Proof you ask? Great question. here you go: - Thread on this site for a public tool - AMD + Zedd's Praises The above screenshot is just one example. People here used to be proud when new things came about. AMD even defended someone right there and we see Lord Zedd liking the comment. Now you guys have just let your egos get to you to the point that you can unjustifiably ban someone just for updating a damn offset. Seriously think about this. It's pretty damn unjustified. Questions for this debate: - When did modding in any way shape or form become looked down upon? Even when people are releasing new things? - Why waste your time getting so mad at people who make online tools when you guys have? Love, - A3on inb4 an Admin removes this post, or cites another reason for ban even though the ban occurred one day after the video was released.