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  1. which site can you get a modded xbox I cant find any sites. Also amazon and ebay doesnt have it. jtagged consoles are against their policies
  2. someone please reply i need help
  3. I usually watch halo modding channels on youtube. One of my favorite halo modders is Gamecheat13 because he has created a mod where you could spawn AI in forge (Ai playground) and he usually publishes youtube videos about AI battles. (His AI battles are what made a popular youtuber btw) Eventually, I wanted to get this mod for myself. From what I know, you need a modded xbox and a modded .xex (Lord Zedds ai xex) to get this mod. I cant find any tutorial on the internet about how to download this mod. I just need a brief explanation about how to make or how to get a modded xbox 360. I also need to know what is a xex. (I have no idea what it is) Once I get a modded xbox 360 and an xex, I would need to know how would I install gamecheat13s .map mod, Ai playground on halo 3. So basically, I need to know where I can get or how can I make an modded xbox 360, what an xex is and how to install Ai playground on an xbox 360.