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    Halo Machinima, 1st person shooters (Halo and a Minecraft strictly), modding (just getting started :p)

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  1. Did you ever finish this?
  2. .MAP

    Recently downloaded this mod and Mr. Craft was very willing to help me for like, four straight hours to show me step-by-step instructions on how to properly download, patch, and install this mod. The mods are amazing, I will definitely be using this map for my machinima. Thankyou so much!
  3. Thanks sir
  4. Alright, so I was reading the "read me" from the link you gave me (I downloaded it onto my computer) and the instructions he was giving, make absolutely no sense (despite him telling us that the explanation was as simple as he could explain)
  5. Roger that, Thankyou sir
  6. No I have not patched Halo: Reach's default xex...I literally just got my RGH and xex menu yesterday
  7. Apologies sir, and I am trying to download the snow forge world, unlimited blocks, and campaign vehicle mod, all for halo: Reach.
  8. Hey, I am doing my absolute best to forge and play custom games on Halo: Reach from mods downloaded from this website and I am having a lot of trouble navigating through xex menu and successfully implementing the modded maps for Halo: Reach...please help sir/ma'am...I am using these modded maps for my machinima.
  9. Sir, so if I go in forge gametype on this map, will I be able to spawn everything listed in this post?