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  1. My 3DS friend code is 0404-6295-7564. Respond with your FC and who've you added. Also maybe include a list of games you play. Games I currently play/own : Pokemon Y New Super Mario Bros 2
  2. Graphics

    Yay! My waffle picture!
  3. General

    Eh. You think mine is overpriced, look the the latest Makerbot.
  4. General

    I got my flash forge creator for $1200. Dual extruders and a pretty big build platform. Love it
  5. General

    I have a printer. That's why I am making this haha. Im gonna laser cut the files on Monday.
  6. This project is a work in progress and I plan on updating the files frequently. I have currently [partially] designed the laser cut files for the housing. Here is a current parts list that I have collected for this scanner : EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver ($14.95) - 10k Ohm Rotary Potentiometer ($0.95) - Wall Adapter Power Supply 12VDC 600mA ($5.95) - Stepper Motor with Cable ($14.95) - Arduino Uno R3 ($29.95) - Fixed Laser Mounting Stand($4.95) - Line Laser Diode - 5mW 650nm Red ($8.95) - Total Cost - $80.65 vs cost of Makerbot Digitizer $1,400 Here is the dropbox folder for the laser cut housing files(almost done), partial schematics, and the Arduino sketch to be controlled by DAVID-Laser Scanner : REMOVED TEMPORARIY
  7. This is a program I made because I wanted to play good ol' Halo 3 using a mouse and keyboard. I've currently gotten keyboard functionality completely working, but I need your help. I need your help to get mouse support completely working in this program. XePuppet it written in C#, and quite frankly, mouse control just doesn't work. Github Link : Requirements : PC with Xbox SDK XDK Kernel(RGLoader) on console.
  8. Great work! Love seeing development in features like this! Mind explaining how you found that offset considering it wouldn't work if you didnt switch it back to 00?
  9. C#

    The reason I recommend little comments is because typically, if the code is good, it should explain itself. And yeah, GitHub is good, it's what I use.
  10. C#

    I haven't taken a look at your code(you should use source control, even for simple projects). You said you commented the code a lot. While this is good for example scripts used for other people, but just because it's open source doesn't mean you have to overly comment it. Only comment what's necessary.
  11. .MAP

    As much as you guys hate one click apps, this would be an awesome one.
  12. C#

    What happened to this?
  13. Support

    You can do something to help. Stop saying you wish you could help, stop begging for info on injection and start learning how to code, mod, research, SOMETHING!
  14. Thanks for this. I'm gonna start messing around with XEXs again soon
  15. Modding