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  1. This download comes with two map files. They're both Xbox cache files, you just need to swap them into your cache drive and load up Halo (a30). The first map file is a play-as-grunt mod. The grunt has recharging health and so the enemies respawn. The jackal on the other hand has limited health and so enemies do not respawn. Both maps come with Halo 2 weapons including the smg, battle rifle, carbine, and beam rifle. Make your way up to the top and fight the master chief! Download here: Download the jackal multiplayer map pack here: Credit to Donut7024 for his cyborg ai addon tags. This is more or less a demo of Halo Covenant Edition 2, which will be a full pack of play-as mods, so stay tuned. Video demo:
  2. a30 has been updated to feature an objective to kill 3 boss squads of reinforcements, plus framerate fixes and added firing positions. a50 and b40 have also been updated.
  3. might not be beatable.
  4. I have, everything checks out on my end. Could you confirm that you are clearing your cache before you run the other version? Also the openness of the game gives it a bit of an RPG feel, sort of like how Halo was originally intended to be.
  5. The final edition will also be released for Custom Edition. Xbox users are getting early access since this mod is being made mostly for Xbox users. Here's a sneak peak at the update, which will feature bosses: Also I doubt Yelo maps would run on an og Xbox. This was very difficult to get running as it is.
  6. Thanks for the tip man, there must have been a mix up. I'll have that fixed for the update. Also some FPS issues will be addressed and also a better health system.
  7. 1. I added new textures for cyborg/fp/hands and multipurpose bitmaps. The grunt hand texture is a pattern borrowed from grunt arms and legs bitmap. 2. I moved the player starting locations into covenant encounters using Sapien or Arsenic. The cutscene camera points were added through scripts. 3. It took me a long time to get Arsenic to work. I'm using Arsenic You need .NET framework 1 and 3.5 and I think 2 also. You will also need DirectX Aug and Nov 2008 and SlimDX Nov 2008. This will not work with SlimDX Jan 2012. If you need any help feel free to PM me. I'm actually looking for help to get this to work either as third-person or on the Xbox 360. If anyone has any info on running Halo in 3rd person on the Xbox or can run this on the 360 let me know. You can use the Yelo devcam trainer for now if you want third-person gameplay.
  8. New release for Xbox: HALO: COVENANT EDITION Current version: v1.7 Play as a grunt in Halo campaign - fight marines alongside your covenant allies. Features: -play as a grunt on Covenant team -spawn with covenant encounters -fight against marines -fight with allies -can use all weapons and vehicles -uses player walking physics -player has shields -press white to say a taunt -new cutscenes and intro -Easter eggs -new colours for grunts -respawning enemies -new battles and encounters -see covenant in idle state and explore Update features: -new health system -hidden bosses -bug fixes and other content This map pack radically changes the dynamic of Halo's campaign. You will spawn as a grunt among your allies and make your way through what is now allied territory to seek battle. You fight marines and flood along-side your covenant allies. There are less battles but the battles that are there are much bigger and can theoretically last hours. Marines use different weapons and tactics which make for interesting fights. Each level should be beatable but you must meet a condition, i.e. defeat all enemies, hit a switch, or reach the end of a timer. For example, to beat a50 you need to kill Captain Keyes and wait. I left the multiplayer option in the menu so that you can use your favorite Halo Grunty Party Pack maps there. I might still do a multiplayer AI pack to go with this so stay tuned. Also note has two versions. Just rename the maps to use. DOWNLOAD HERE VIDEO DEMO Follow me on ModDB for more content here Credits: -SPARTAN04 for grunt_mp tags Tools used: -Arsenic -Eschaton -HHT -HMT v3.5 -HEK -MEK [Refinery] Thanks to Microsoft and Bungie for Halo Please like and comment if you play this
  9. This might be what you want:
  10. Halo Grunty Party Pack - Play as grunts in Halo multiplayer. Features: -colour enabled grunts -can use all weapons and vehicles -uses player walking physics -press white to say a taunt [note: does not work with vehicles] -new intro and ui -pack 2 includes the Halo PC maps and some new campaign to multiplayer conversions Download pack 1 here: Download pack 2 here: Credits: SPARTAN04 for Grunt Multiplayer Tags MichelV and QuackJAG for grunt videos Tools used: Arsenic, Eschaton, HMT 3.5, HHT, HEK Thanks to Microsoft and Bungie for Halo
  11. You will need a hex editor and Eschaton. First, open your map in a hex editor, and you will find the name at offset 0x20. Change that from the multiplayer name to a campaign name, (like bloodgulch to a10). Extra characters should just be overwritten by null characters (0x00 in hex). Then change offset 0x60 from 0x01 to 0x00. Then rename your .map file to (or whatever). Then you need to open the map in Eschaton. Open the scenario tag, and find the player starting location offsets. Change the type to none for one of the chunks. Multiplayer maps will have spawn types set to gametypes (ctf, etc.) by default, which will not work if you load them as campaign (since there is no gametype). You may also need to change the team index to 0. (This can also be done using a hex editor: find offset 0x10, and write down the 32bit value [all these values are little endian, so you'll have to reverse the numbers [00 94 d2 02 becomes 0x02d29400]. Subtract that number from 0x803a6000 to get the map magic number. Write down that number. Then go to the address of the first value you found at 0x10, plus 0x38. Take that value and subtract the magic number. Add 0x358 to that, and go to that address. Take that value, subtract the magic number, and then go to that address plus 0x14. Change that number to 0x00.) Also you may need to adjust the map size, to make the multiplayer map as big as a single player map. You can use a hex editor for this. Just add 0xE700000 00s to the end of the cache file (assuming you are working with a vanilla copy of Halo). Hex editors should have an insert string n amount of times function. EDIT: Here's a program that will do this for you: Just drag and drop your multiplayer cache file onto the program and wait for it to finish. It will produce a new single player cache file for Pillar of Autumn that you must upload to your Xbox.
  12. Halo: CE

    I'm looking for somebody who could help me with importing tags into Xbox campaigns. I'm trying to get scen and weap tags into Silent Cartographer, specifically the Shotgun.weap and baton dynamic.scen. Every program I have crashes when trying to rebuild Xbox campaign maps,