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  1. H2 Heretic Elite and Honor Guard Update Heretic Elite: 1:48 Honor Guard Update: 0:00
  2. Gonna check on it later, ill dm you if I find something
  3. Damn this is cool! You should increase the walking speed of the "Gods" tho
  4. Good shit bois!
  5. Halo: Reach Elite Honor Guard. Halo 2 Honor Guards:
  6. So I decided to remake the Reach Main Menu... Had this music for the Theme on my mind: for the time being, but I might switch it up tho. Will also show the Honor Guard for Reach soon, if anyone was interested in that shit.
  7. Just a small ting. Tryna make the CEA magnum and the H2 energy sword. This is the look of the magnum im tryna make
  8. .MAP

    I always do dat shit this way. So before I try to edit anything on the mode tag Im planing to use as a first person mode, I would duplicate it so I have 2 of the mode tags. The modified one for first person and the other untouched one for the 3rd person in HLMT.
  9. Yall niggas need to stfu and post more mods. I came here for one thing and that thing only.
  10. I mean if u really want a release of that shit Ill do it bruh lol
  11. Damn this a good ass tutorial with the video n shit, love it bruh.
  12. Imma try n make it simple for u. Go to the SCNR tag, search for Scenario Zoneset Groups and press Check all for the Loaded Zonesets and Uncheck all for the Unloaded Zonesets for every Index.
  13. Not sure if im keeping that shit private or not bruh
  14. Halo 3 Honor Guards, Wip.
  15. How the fk do you get Title updates nowadays?