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  1. Modding

    Try searching around this site before asking. But here u go
  2. Modding

    Im guessing ur spawning Ais through effects, since ur talking bout forge world, right? Well if so just go to the BIPD tag of the Elite and search "Weapons" in the search bar. After just simply change the weapon to the plasma repeater.
  3. Damn bro, this shit cool. Good fkn job man! just wow
  4. Im know im super late with this shit but No, I didnt inject any models, I wish tho. But with some mode edits to it and other shits u can make it look that way lol.
  5. Small ting but still cool imo. Halo 4, H2A styled Covenant Carbine. (Hud is still W.I.P tho) (Update: Hud fixed). Comparable Screenshots to this mod, from H2A itself. And a Halo 3/mixed styled Assault Rifle lol. Also, another random weapon design i made, idfk.
  6. .MAP

    Yup, Bundler.exe and Unbundler.exe in the Easybitmapinjection folder. Even tried just with the bundler.exe. I dont know wierd.
  7. .MAP

    Nothing is read-only ticked, dot net framework is installed and also tried runing it as admin. Still the program wont work. Plus this is the only os Ive got lol.
  8. .MAP

    Everything works fine except the last part, in my case the tool itself. Every godamn time I try to click on the Convert/Inject Bitmap and selecting TGA file the program stops working. Bruuuuh no response from the program at all. Anyone with a solution to this?
  9. Reach

    You have corrupted the dotmap, thats why you make backups before injecting stuff.
  10. Creative stuff, I like it.
  11. H2 Heretic Elite and Honor Guard Update Heretic Elite: 1:48 Honor Guard Update: 0:00
  12. Gonna check on it later, ill dm you if I find something
  13. Damn this is cool! You should increase the walking speed of the "Gods" tho
  14. Good shit bois!