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  1. Modding

    The Warthog Run is a staple of the classic Halo series, even Halo 2 was originally meant to have a warthog run but most of it was cut from the final game but recently restored by BlackDimund. Technically Halo 3 ODST's Coastal Highway included a slight warthog run too. But yeah unfortunately with Halo 4, there was never anything close to a warthog run. Only thing was a ghost run at the end of the mission Forerunner. So just for fun and to see how it'd turn out, I replaced that ghost run with a warthog run instead. It actually turned out pretty well but is probably the most difficult warthog run ever even with some adjustments we made to the warthog. Changes we made: Injected Warthog to mission Forerunner (m30_cryptum) includes all sounds too Removed chaingun turret from Warthog to fix memory issues causing the mission to freeze Replaced Infinite Boost Ghost in vehicle palette with the Warthog Fixed driver seat animation Increased Warthog engine maximum angular velocity to make warthog accelerate faster Made Warthog more stable Disabled suspension to reduce bounciness Increased ground friction for better traction on ground Removed string for ghost boosting tutorial during the run Issues: Co-op is supported but players that die during the run will end up respawning in a ghost Passenger seat of warthog doesn't have right animation and will cause passengers to stand up in seat and be unable to manually get out Can be fixed by setting the passenger seat animation to ghost_d but it doesn't look right so I left it as it is Restarting mission, especially during the ending cutscene, will cause the warthog on the next playthrough to have numerous graphical issues including HUD elements to the point of being a giant blob sometimes Big thanks to Lord Zedd and Tuco for help on creating this mod! Download Link The download is for the Assembly patch file rather than the full map itself. For help with patching a clean map with that file, instructions are here in Lord Zedd's modding guide. Hope you all like the mod! It's pretty nostalgic and fun, and incredible challenging too! Video:
  2. I have a quite a few of these and would like to complete my collection as well. I saw you sent someone a link for all of them. If it's more convenient for you could you provide that link for me so you don't have to make a new one? Thanks!
  3. I found the setting in matg but it seems whenever I change any values in that table (for example changing melee to a value of 1 instead of 0), the game doesn't load the map anymore. I am doing this on the original xbox version using Entity 2.1.14 (seems to be the only old tool I could find with a meta editor capable of changing values in matg). I can make changes to other stuff with Entity and the map will still load fine, but for some reason changing those specific values in matg causes the map loading to fail. Edit: Nvm figured out why the maps weren't loading. Just had to use Yelo trainer to disable the map checksum lol. Anyways, it works. I just set it to a very high value so a single shot from anything takes out his shield.
  4. Not sure if many people are interested in modding or exploring Halo Anniversary, but for those that are interested in exploring around during cutscenes, it's actually possible with the debug flycam. Normally you can't use the flycam during cutscenes, you simply won't have any control over it, but there is a small glitch you can do to fly around during most cutscenes and I figured I'd share that info here for those who are interested. So first off, you need to make sure you have debug mode enabled for Halo CEA, you can do that with this tutorial here: Assuming all that worked out for you and you have access to the debug menu, there are a couple things you can do now to achieve flycam during cutscenes. Now not 100% of these steps are totally necessary, it's possible some of them can be skipped. Anyways, if it's purely an intro cutscene you want to explore, then from the main menu, bring up the debug menu, under debug enable show camera coordinates, then initialize Kinect skeleton tracking, then reloadLibPS. It's possible the last 2 steps aren't necessary but I haven't fully tested it yet. Once the cutscene starts up, simply hold down RB to start the flycam and you'll be able to fly around during the cutscene. This only works for intro cutscenes. For other cutscenes, including intro cutscenes, wait for the cutscene to startup, hold down RB to activate flycam, the HUD will appear again but you'll have no control, then press LB+A to switch to gun fly mode. After that, I'm not sure if this step is absolutely necessary but it seems to work better for me, bring up the debug menu and save a checkpoint. After that, switch back to first person mode with the flycam button (RB). You'll know you're back in 1st person mode when there's no more HUD on the screen. At this point, all you need to do is skip the cutscene. It will fade to black for a second but the cutscene will still be going on and you can activate flycam now to fly around during the cutscene. Hope this tutorial helps anyone that's interested. Unfortunately this method only works on intro cutscenes and skippable cutscenes (not 100% of skippable cutscenes either). Any cutscene that doesn't fall under those two criteria will not work. I've been trying to figure out a way to maybe make unskippable cutscenes skippable so that the flycam can be used during them but so far I've yet to find anything. Of course if anyone knows anything about that or figures anything out, feel free to reply to this and I'll update this tutorial a bit. Otherwise, I'll keep trying to figure out if there's any way to skip the unskippable cutscenes or if there's another way to use the flycam during those cutscenes.
  5. I'm trying to remove Tartarus's shields completely during the final boss fight so that his shield never activates and he'll be totally vulnerable during the entire boss fight without his shields. I've tried setting his shield vitality to 0 as well pretty much nulling out all the tags related to his invincibility overshield in bpd, hlmt, and char. But no matter what I do there, he still spawns with his invincible overshield that can't be taken down without the beam rifle. Is there anyway to remove that shield or at least make it almost non-existent?
  6. I'm trying to make the final cutscene of Halo CE skippable on Anniversary. So far I've found that most Halo PC modding tools work with Anniversary maps. So unless there's another way to skip the final cutscene of Halo Anniversary, I think it'd be a very simple change to the script. I know in Assembly it's possible to edit scripts via Script Expression under scnr. Using Eschaton, it appears I can find the script name and expression indexes under scnr as well but I don't seem to be able to edit the script expressions anywhere. Are there any tools or even any way to edit the script for the campaign mission? Or perhaps there's another way to make an unskippable cutscene skippable without going the script editing route? Thanks!
  7. Anniversary

    I've tried both and I am running as an admin. When I drag onto the open program, it just displays that circle with a cross through it and if I drag onto the exe, it opens up the program but nothing happens. Is the program you uploaded missing any dll's or other dependencies? I thought it might be a Windows 10 compatibility issue but it's the exact same problem on other OS's I tried including Windows 8 and Vista.
  8. Anniversary

    Thanks for the new link! I downloaded it and it seems to run fine, however I'm unable to drag my xex file into it. It simply won't let me. I did uncompress it with xextool first of course but it just won't let me drag anything into the window. Not even the original unmodified xex can be dragged into it to make it throw an error.
  9. Anniversary

    Could someone who still has this possibly post a new link? Pretty much every link across the internet for this is dead lol.
  10. Anniversary

    Yep I've tried digging deep and I can't find any link anywhere that's still working. It's pretty much lost to time at this point unless someone else still has it and can upload it somewhere new.
  11. Modding

    Oh ok so Halo 4 is unique in that it's the only Halo game with customizable buttons? And I guess there's nothing at the system/OS level to change the button mappings like on the Xbox One?
  12. Modding

    I posted this in the general xbox forum but I think it'd be more appropriate to post it here as I'm more focused on doing it for Halo 4 and other Halo games in general. So basically, is it possible to change the button mappings or controller scheme in any Halo game? I know on the Xbox One you can just change the global button mapping settings, but what about on an RGH 360 or Halo game? I don't know if it'd be game specific or if there's a global setting I can change for the button mappings.
  13. Is there a way to remap controller buttons on an RGH 360? I want to try out some custom button layouts but is there a global option on the 360 to change the layouts for all games? Or will I need to do it on a game by game basis?
  14. Support

    Yep that did the trick! Got it working now, thanks!
  15. Support

    It looks like what I'm missing is the .mapinfo and .blf files to go with the .map files. How do I extract those from the disc? All I have right now are just the .map files. The only files I could get off the disc are just these two files titled 6EA75209998E503CD58BDF9618ED283156A2D8EE4D and E25A9996DBF25D25C7C6235FFD30BAF4E5D543044D. I'm not sure what tool I'd need to use to extract the remaining files I need from that folder.