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  1. General

    Wow, no answers, well ill just keep looking.
  2. General

    maybe make it look like.....THE BETA..........................
  3. General

    could you maybe add more graphics options or put in your own? maybe too much, but thanks anyways
  4. General

    Will you add anymore things to exuberant?
  5. General

    Thank you! Sorry for the late reply
  6. When i use it says unsupported Halo 5 build. Will Gamecheat13 make another one?
  7. General

    I had the chance to play it but they only let us play on certain days so I didn't get the chance.
  8. General

    Well, if anyone can't mod Halo 5 pc anymore then someone should at least crack the Halo 5 beta.
  9. One small question, do you know how to make graphics mods, Halo 5 Pc specifically.  Side note great halo modding content, keep up the great work!


  10. General

    Here are the things I want in the graphics mod, add more post processing effects like in the beta "maybe add the option to put motion blur" and have the lighting from the beta this is VERY important. And please have those beta animations, like when your running, you have a head bob and when reloading with certain weapons your camera moves slightly. Have darker lights on the weapons like the assault rifle and the br like the ammo counts on the weapon. Try to not have spartans glow in the dark and make them of course look like the beta spartans and less saturated. Maybe try to put the beta effects of those tiny dots when a light shined on your helmet. "Just watch beta footage and look around their screen, you'll get what I mean" When being shot I need your helmet shake and have their weapons shake more when shooting like the beta pistol and when meleeing have your screen shake more."I know this may be too much to ask for but" have more beta like aiming sights,like making them more clear to see through and have the crosshairs move more like the beta and when running, when you reach maximum speed make it have blur again just like the beta. This time I'm am pleading please have the old beta sounds like meleeing, gun sounds, sfx and please try to have old animations, textures, and effects from the beta. Finally, keep it 1080p. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please make this real. Have a very good day. Note: Sorry if I misspelled somethings, wasn't clear enough on parts of this, made it a little repetitive, or repeated myself. Oh, and also watch gruntys videos on the beta like "Halo 5 Downgrade Comparison." to help you out. And this is off topic but "you don't have to do this" can you maybe try to fix that water effect problem where it doesn't have a reaction to explosives like when the water reacts to the explosion on the Xbox One but not on the pc version and only has a ripple. If you can fix this thanks a lot.
  11. So I have been wondering if anyone were making a graphics mod for halo 5 pc like something to make it look like the beta or exactly like the beta. If anyone are or know anyone making one, please reply. Thank you, and have a nice day.