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  1. General

    Man it's been sometime, Looks like things still need to be sorted out before things are stable. I'll wait for a good build since Zed said it's not readyish at the moment. Akarias nice post!
  2. Xbox 360

    Sweet, I managed to find floats that move the screen x,y,z axes
  3. Xbox 360

    So now that Destiny Retail is out anyone force loading this yet?
  4. .MAP

    Halo mixed with Destiny sound/music can now be done
  5. Messing with the camera angles (update...) RAVE!!!!!!!!!
  6. Other

    Time to get a new shirt!
  7. I'm very Happy now!
  8. It's good to see everyone still messing with mods I broke my jtag
  9. Yeah I know but I bet it was gonna be a helmet haha
  10. Since this is not a mod but a quick edit. what do you think of my opinion? Yeah in the beta all helmets have this face in them as a template I think.
  11. Wow great job on the beta really nice, I'm gonna put my shader mod in a spoiler...
  12. Graphics

    I Don't know Stark's logo was better it blended with the background more not only that the one zedd made just has a big white shadow looks out of place. [update] Now that I look at it more I can see it, The reason why I like Stark's was the "x" pop out more with the white trimmings.
  13. Forge, I want to see all the features, guns, maps, and stuff I could mess with to make a "Sweet New Map".
  14. General

    Scarecrow118 "Sputnik allowed you to launch yourself massive distances, basically decreasing gravity around a explosion. Cowbell just makes it bigger and more lethal " Sputnik's Power CowBell's Power (1:43)
  15. General

    Well everything is clean now. Oh I want to see that dildo banshee of yours rofl