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  1. Support

    Also I'd be down for a tutorial/guide for this! I'd love you forever
  2. Support

    About 8-9 years ago I remember chatting to a school friend about how his brother in-law could mod Halo so you could spawn in AI and everything in campaign and that you can change your armor in campaign. Who would've thought that both those mods are actually real! I guess he was telling the truth after all and his bro in law just managed to do it before it became well known
  3. Anniversary

    So pretty much you guys don't need to drag it into the cex patcher. all you have to do is have the follow: xextool.exe - won't provide link, but just google it, you'll find it. cmd.exe - (IF YOU DON'T HAVE THIS HOW IS YOUR PC EVEN WORKING!) and last but not least the default.xex of Halo CEA. Okay now pretty much all you wanna do is put those 3 files i mentioned above in a new folder. Once they are all in a folder together you have proceed. drag xextool.exe into cmd.exe once you are in the cmd window type/copy this into it ( xextool -ra -mr -cu -eu -o default_uncompressed.xex default.xex) WITHOUT THE BRACKETS! Hit Enter and you're done! If you see a 4th file in there called default_uncompressed.xex then you were sucessful! Move it to your JTAG/RGH and boot up the file, it should boot up like normal, if not, you may have done something wrong. Sorry if this guide seems messy, I'm a noob here and don't really use forums that often. Now the Controls: First time: Hold RB/LB + RT to launch the menu first time. You can even do this at the mainmenu. A version number will appear in top right if successful. Hold RB (2 seconds) then click LB. = Pop Debug Menu / Close Debug Menu DPAD = Navigate Menu A = Select Options Hold RB (3 seconds) - Enables Fly Cam - Moves to 3rd Person - Moves to 1st Person Hold LB (+ X Button) - Enable/Disable God mode - This god mode allows your health to never go past the last red bar. I tested by standing the middle of 3 elites on Legendary. They attacked me over and over and I never lost that last bit of health. The instant I clicked LB + X, It said, "God Mode Off" and I died. Hold LB (+ A Button) - Enable Gun Fly Mode (noclip) - Body teleports to camera location after clicking again Hold LB (+ B Button) - Freezes for screenshot - Stored in the active game partition (D), so you have to view it while the game is running. (dead canadian) - In the game.cfg file, under the DEBUG section there is ScrShotPath="D://shots". Possibly changing to like HDD1://shots will work? (untested)
  4. Anniversary

    I've been looking for this for nearly a year now. Just bumping this up again in hope that maybe someone could have a pre patched file.
  5. .MAP

    Thanks again, I seem of did something wrong. I tag injected the marine biped and trooper char, then changed it from grunt ai to marine ai, but they are still grunts on the map. :/
  6. .MAP

    Actually one more question. How do I change the player model? Okay that's it.
  7. .MAP

    Perfect and Simple guide Thank you very much @Akarias One last question? Does this work for campaign maps too?
  8. .MAP

    I'll have a look, but i don't have much experience modding. So possibly could you make a tutorial or point towards one. I'm a Noob okay
  9. .MAP

    What tag is that? SCNR?
  10. .MAP

    This is a great concept! I have a similar idea to do this in campaign. What do you do and use to change the characters around?
  11. .MAP

    Thank you very much! That is a well written guide to how to set it up for noobs like me
  12. .MAP

    No I do not. may I ask how to?
  13. .MAP

    So It will let me extract it without Raw, but not with it. Any idea why?