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  1. Anniversary

    Just an update on my previous comment/post. I managed to mod the first level with Eschaton AE and changed the elites to spartans, in classic mode they seem fine, however in Anniversary mode the elites are messed up. Their heads are inside their bodies and doesn't seem right. Animations are all good being Spartan animations, i's just the skin of the model still being an elite? Any idea how to fix this?
  2. Anniversary

    I am interested in doing this also and I'm hoping you guys know if there are any tutorials on how to do this?
  3. .MAP

    Awesome! Congrats on the release! So do you have to play through the campaign map first?
  4. General

    How and where does one claim this amazing feat!?
  5. Okay cool cause I tried a couple times on normal and couldn't win lol
  6. Okay so I did the clear system cache and can confirm that it resolved the issue I was having. Quick question about the second version of a30. Is that version beatable or is more a map with ai kinda deal? Also sorry about a lot of questions and comments on this forum page. I do it because I don't mind finding bugs or issues others might have and all they have to do it read the forum and they should be ready to play the mod to it's full potential. If this does annoy you I am sorry, but i feel it's actually something you want like feedback and such. Anyways thanks again and look forward to all the updates and other content you produce on this site. If allowed, I'll eventually post a link to a stream of me playing mod whenever I actually get around to it lol okay I'm actually done now lol.
  7. Do you know how to inject AI properly from one campaign map to another? For Xbox cause you can't do it on PC of course. I didn't seem to find any tutorials on how to do that.
  8. I have not been clearing my cache after changing maps. That's probably it then, I literally just woke up before and that was one of the first things I thought about
  9. I like the idea of boss battles in this and the inclusion of the Golden Magnum, it reminded me of the Golden Deagle from Cod 4 I also forgot to mention in my original review/feedback comment that I like the respawning AI and the openness of the map. The openness of the map makes it feel like a free roam game and the respawning AI keeps the game flowing! Cannot wait to play this on both Xbox and PC! One more thing I wanna ask is, have you looked into the a30 glitch I ran into, or am I maybe renaming the map wrong?
  10. Do you know if it's possible to port over .yelo maps or CE maps in general to xbox? Or are they over the game limitations to play on console?
  11. Looking forward to the updates you bring and other content for that matter. I have something I wanna ask you and that is the possibility of porting this to Custom Edition? Or even porting Custom Edition maps to Xbox?
  12. I can confirm that the mod works on Xbox 360 JTAG/RGH I really like this mod and I'd love to see if it's possible to do this kinda thing with the other Halos! Pretty much all good, I just have two things I wanna say, but I'm pretty sure at least one of them is because of Game Engine Limitations. First thing is that sometimes when theres a lot of AI on screen or in the area at a time the FPS drops a fair bit, but I've seen this also happen in other Map packs I've downloaded for Halo. Second thing might be a glitch and not sure how I can fix it. With the second mission, both version seems to be the same. You start in the same area and both end with the bridge switch. I should also point out that I tried renaming both files and even deleted them both and reinstalled only then rename it to Not sure if I'm missing something, but I thought I'd let you know anyways. Thank you for your great work, this has made it to the list of things I wanna stream. One last thing is I just tested the first two levels and look forward to playing the rest, Thanks again. -JD The Tank
  13. Gonna give it a try on Xbox 360 and let you know how it runs
  14. I watched the demo video and I like what I see. I was expecting a simple biped swap mod, but nope this is very refreshing to see and I actually have been wanting to make a mod for all the halos of a Covenant side of the war type of mod. I have a lot of things i wanna ask, but to save you having to read a huge post ill just ask the main 3. 1. How'd you get the view hands of the grunt? 2. How'd you get the spawn different? 3. Lastly how'd you get Arsenic to work? I've tried to get that program to work for ages.
  15. Nice Collection Buddy, quick question tho? Are these only for Xbox version or will this work on Vista too?