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  1. Is there a way to enable subtitles for World at War split screen campaign? Unfortunately, subtitles are turned off during the split-screen campaign. My friend is deaf and has a hard time without subtitles. I want to open the CFG file, but I don't know about the COD WAW of the Xbox 360 version...
  2. Can I modify the existing single player map for Halo Combat Evolved XBOX? I would like to edit the existing single player map and change the music.
  3. I recently tried to apply a first person vehicle using Assembly. I wanted to try other vehicles, but I gave up because there was no explanation. I downloaded a patch file uploaded by bfixer117 users on the Xbox Chaos site, but it was not applied to PC MCC Forge Mode. In addition, I would like to apply this to the campaign. Can't you see the history of the modified code?
  4. You are the best halo modder I have ever met. And you are a genius among the people I met. Are you a bungie developer or a 343 developer? You are a great person! Thank you. Thank you!!! You are my life saver.!!!!
  5. Another method "419A0104" changed the code to "48000104". But there was still a cortana freezing. TU is the release version. I didn't update at all.
  6. As you said "41 9A", re-enter and save as "48 00". But there's still Cortana Freezing. Is it correct to change this part to "48 00"? I don't see offset x46b398 anywhere.
  7. Started xbe file with mode applied. Unfortunately, freezing occurred every time Cortana appeared in the 4-player split screen Coop campaign. Is there a way to solve this symptom of freezing?
  8. General

    It's been a long time, but do you know how to run the Composer (Halo 4 Extract Audio) file? There is no exe file that can be run in any file.
  9. General

    Detailed explanation Thank you.
  10. General

    Can you send Halo 4 In-game music files?
  11. General

    Could someone please share the game music files you extracted?
  12. Thank you for your kind reply! You are a very kind person. I will never forget you and will always remember you.
  13. What patch files exist in ppf? Is there a 4 player split screen application file in ppf file? Do you remember who created the ppf mod? Thank you so much! thanks to you, many Korean Halo gamers will like it. You are a great person. I really admire you!
  14. I have removed the full version download link. Sorry...