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  1. General

    Does anyone know how to use a flashlight in odst instead of the special vision?
  2. General

    thank you you're awesome!
  3. Modding

    thank you!
  4. General

    Does anyone know or have a tutorial to set up pathfinding for spawned ai through via squads block, I wanted them to move around , how would I go about setting up the firing positions and zones ?thank you for your time -Greasy Goose
  5. Does anyone know how to get the falcon with a chain gun in multiplayer?? thank you
  6. Hello, I use the squads block in halo 3 to spawn ai units and I was wondering if anyone had a tutorial that made them respawn. I heard this can be done via scripts , thank you everyone for there time ! -Greasy Goose
  7. if there is anyone that knows how to spawn ai without the squads block it would be very helpful, I can only get them to spawn on 'the ark' with the squads block, but I haven't had any luck with any other map. or if someone can tell me what I am doing wrong. I wanted to make ai battles I do not want to spawn ai out of a gun thank you everyone. -Greasy Goose
  8. General

    youre awesome thank you thank you so much
  9. I wanted to know if there is a way I can delete spawns of ai on the map, I just wanted a clean map with no ai, I was messing around with the squads block but I keep crashing, does anyone know anything about this ? thank you -Greasy Goose
  10. I know how to swap bipeds and play as them but I don't know how to change ODST characters in campaign with assembly, I wanted to play as buck in mombassa streets instead of the rookie. I cant find anything in the globals tag or the change colors block in the biped tag .if anyone knows anything about that would be amazing thank you -Greasy Goose
  11. General

    I coudlnt find the option for that in the styl tag
  12. General

    Thank you
  13. I spawn ai through the effect tag I gave them weapons but I want them to walk around. I've seen people have .maps with ai walking. I heard there's a way to swap the idle animation to walking. I was wondering if anyone knew how to that in assembly. Thank You