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  1. Modding

    Ah ok that explains why I couldn't get anything working. I wish I knew half of what you do about modding you seem to be able to do so many things. If you happen to see any of your text files on how to transfer animations between characters, let me know that too, I saw that amazing video as well. I'll still pay you that bounty too man!
  2. Modding

    I probably have no idea how to make it happen. I'll try looking around and see if I can figure something out though. I got excited and followed the 2 edits made in the video, nothing changed for me though. I'll keep poking around see if anything happens. thanks for the help guys
  3. Modding

    I'm gonna crazy trying to figure this out. I can't even copy/paste the only object_set_scale function I found from a campaign map (which was hard as hell to find btw). I can't even copy scripts from other multiplayer maps and get them working, assembly just crashes. Everything always crashes. I could only get the gravity script working because it is so simple. If anyone can at least show me how to make a whole campaign map with resized characters and vehicles, I'll pay you $100 in bitcoin. I just want to make a fun campaign mod with everything set small/big.
  4. Modding

    Alright I have learned a little bit and made some progress. It was hell making this script. Assembly crashes completely if something doesn't match up, there are next to none examples of this script being used. I managed to find one buried away though. After many hours of trial and error and understanding how some of this works, I came up with this. It still doesn't do anything in-game though. I guess the object argument needs to be something else. Does the object need to be something like mp_masterchief or something? I don't know how to make it do that. I will keep trying but if anyone could point me in right direction it would help a lot. larger imgur image for the script expressions
  5. Modding

    THANKYOU FOR THIS! saved me a lot of time and effort of where to find that script. I already found a guide on how to create halo 3 scripts from scratch in assembly, so if this script works, I should be able to figure this out with some research. I assume object would be replaced with whatever I want to resize. Or maybe that's not how it works, I am total script noob and will have to figure this stuff out, EDIT: or actually looks like the object name goes between the empty quotes EDIT: yeah that those last statements are showing how much noob I am at scripting. I followed a guide and got a gravity script working, but man manually scripting is difficult. Hopefully I can get the scale one working. EDIT: yeah I suck at coding but I understand a little bit, object will probably have some sort of name I will need to find, real is a 3.4E +-38 with 6 digits, short is an integer value under 32,767.
  6. After 10 years I have come back with a modded 360 and want to mod my halo 3 a bit. I used to heavily mod halo 2 long ago, and already got that. I already am able to mod everything, even got the 360 SDK set up with assembly and am able to poke which is great. I have been trying for hours how to correctly scale a character in halo 3, like this youtuber here I tried changing many values and found some that actually sort of work, but not near as good as the youtuber did it. I went into mode tag and changed the compression info (changing everything times 0.3) It sort of works but not really. At least their feet plant the ground. but their phmo and coll are still from the original bigger one. Here, I found I could simply change this runtime node default scale from 1 to 0.3, and it actually works better. They look good, and they take coll hits ok (can only shoot where their model is), but their phmo is still the original larger one, and they always stand in midd-air (I guess the middle of the phmo or something) I tried to scale the phmo to the new model size but nothing seems to work. I have been at this for hours and I don't know how to fix it.I tried changing a lot of values in phmo in assembly but nothing changed ingame. I even put the marine phmo as null in the marine hlmt but they still had a phmo lol. Assembly says its updated with 2016. found an old se7ensins thread titled "Model Resizing: The Correct Way" but it just tells you to edit phmo values that the marine phmo doesn't even have. Anyone have any ideas? Or maybe have any mods with scaled characters I could look at?