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  1. Support

    you can also set the resolution of the hud to 0x0, its in one of those hud tags, that is what i did for my cutscenes mod
  2. Support

    null out tags the char and effe tags refer to that you dont need, right?
  3. .MAP

    nice review! just to note, select+melee will make you invincible, and the cheering ai have seats and can be controlled
  4. I used to mod halo 2 in 2007, and I would copy down tutorial posts on the halomods forums on a regular basis. Maybe it's all useless or maybe someone will find something helpful. Since a lot of that is probably, gone, thought someone may want to see it, so here it is.
  5. .MAP

    If I were you I would probably inspect other peoples mods and compare maps side by side to see exactly what was edited. I know sometimes injecting certain just freezes sometimes. The money thing has been done before, here, you can inspect this mod. Or maybe if you google around enough someone else has already asked that question.
  6. General

    Just search for halo 1 and 2 stuff, I mean the structure is almost the same and those guides should work fine
  7. maybe. it was time consuming, but now i have macros to map out expressions, and have experience, could probably do them faster now
  8. I don't have any of these, not sure what I would do with them, not sure why I need them, but I still want them
  9. .MAP

    modding computer is off right now but, open map in assembly and check the map id number, make sure thats the same # in your halo 3 m30 map info file, and i did not have any title updates, not sure if that matters
  10. yeah, you could go back into theatre mode and look around as well
  11. done
  12. Working on this the past few months has taught me a lot on how halo 3 script expressions work. This mod includes every hidden cinematic, and many restored animations. Every single cutscene the player could not move around is included. Each campaign map will skip straight to the zoneset with cutscenes and teleport the player straight through each mission. I added enough for up to two players at once to properly play in co-op if needed. Hud and first person models removed for best experience. Characters on a screen are now brought into the room. All annoying cortana scenes are also brought to the player without annoying screen effects. Thanks to akarias and zedd for some help on some of this. Enjoy. Hidden cutscenes and animations restored
  13. just added unused animations for the pelican leaving from the jungle. ill go through all the maps and find keep enabling stuff like this
  14. found some hidden/removed grunt animations in a cutscene, there were 14 animations in total, i thought i was going to get some amazing scene nobody had ever seen before. took a while to manually create all the scripting animations from scratch, but turns out they just mostly stand there holding their arms up and slightly jittering around, kind of a disappointment, but at least i got them in there. also got lord hood and arbiter to show up found more hidden cutscenes 040lb025cin_arbiter_2 and 040lb025cin_chief_2, only lasts 5 seconds or so but first time ever seen by anyone. i think at first, they had chief and arbiter sort of put their hand up against the bright light, then later they instead used an animation where they were both thrown back against a rock EDIT: ok turns out there are actually a lot of unused cinematic animations, this is going to take a while to manually create all the scripts for them