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  1. So I was informed about the warthog run bsp that was never used and after looking at it, I wanted to restore it. It took a while, but it's finally finished. You guys must know how much I love my warthog runs, and halo 2 was my favorite halo, I just couldn't resist. This restoration includes: -manually injected sounds -manually injected warthog (95%) -fixed masterchief warthog animations -lots of scripts -added ai and trigger volumes -mostly fixed lightmaps -mostly smooth bsp transition -modified cutscenes -modified scenery animations -more scripts -custom pelican crash animation -fixed massive horizontal gravity lift -injected modified mjolnir mix theme with guitar in loop -added some audio to flood juggernaut -fixed flood juggernaut death animation -and other cool stuff the only things that were originally from the map was the bsp, and two of the cortana lines, and pathfinding for the bsp, the rest was added by me, all ai spawns, pelican crash, spinning cap, etc I would like to thank some people for help on various parts, Akarias, Gamecheat13, Lord Zedd, and some devs from the project cartographer dev team. Download link not ready yet, editing some final changes, will update soon
  2. I have managed to mess around with some uncompressed data for simple scenery animations and camera animations raw in halo 2 but nothing too crazy. There is also this, i don't know how to use it Yet though
  3. Other

    it took me months of head banging, akarias guided me some but its a big learning curve manually compiling scripts. there is currently a halo 3 script compiler in the works if you can wait for that though if you want to start looking, its all in the Script Expressions block in scnr tag
  4. you cant save the scripts like that, there is no script compiler. just make the edits and use the save button on bottom of scnr tag to save the normal way
  5. its eldewrito, it comes standard. i have since replaced it with the halo 3 shotgun mod
  6. I got tagtool working and my mod works in it, same pics but now 1080p and no hud!
  7. H3 high charity but without flood (not sure if I can fix that broken glass tho)
  8. Are you injecting models?
  9. might be hidden in there somewhere like, pass damage to rider or something, you can compare tags with a normal vehicle
  10. Might be Some sort of flag/tickbox in hlmt new damage somewhere, shot in dark
  11. I thought it might be interesting to show off the differences between halo 2 xbox and vista with their scripts, so here they are. Some maps have no differences, some maps have a few differences. H2X on left, H2V on right. The 01b_spacestation vista map had an extra globals chunk added, and one script kept showing up wrong with my decompile method so I just manually put it back where it should be. (identical) (identical) (identical) (identical) (identical)
  12. I saw this decade old mod of someone who took the teddy bear from the easter egg on jungle and made it into himself. I always thought it was funny so I remade it myself. Original vid. He can punch pretty hard, some weapon proj edits, third person, and ofc you are now a teddy bear. You WILL need to edit your halo3.campaign file and add 3011. DOWNLOAD a gif
  13. General

    I recently removed some of the scripted music in campaign for halo 4 and discovered it Also removed the cinematic sound effects so any cutscene music in game Probably has a bunch of sound effects hard coded
  14. Support

    And set mapinfo map type to firefight of course