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  1. Is it possible? I’m not sure what to null/whatever to achieve this.
  2. I was thinking of immersive mods, because that is my favorite kind of mod lol, and I was looking at camera, etc, and I was thinking: player controlled elites have the animations, but is there a way AI can harness them? Possibly having a chance of it from behind when shields are down, would be cool. Is it possible at the current Dev state? Thanks.
  3. EDIT: figured it out!! Under sqtm, thank you soo much
  4. .MAP

    Thanks, I managed to somehow remove all weapons from brutes and all elites had swords. Now I’m testing if I can disarm elites. Appreciated the time. Edit: yay. Disarmed. I had to go into elite/ai and remove the energy sword as when I null, it was defaulted.
  5. I want to add in special armor types w/ elite spawns specifically. Like Marshall, zealot, etc. I wouldn’t mind just swapping out another wave-enemy type if it could be as simple as adding the armor elements. Can it be done in this early at all? Any help much appreciated. I think it has something to do with squads, but how the heck do you use the templates?