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  1. Modding

    Well I think only 3 maps have shade(the ones mentioned above) The character type is set to grunt by default... the only thing I can think of is that on Tsavo Highway irrc the first 2 sections(the pond and the section where the warthog gets run over by a chopper) some shades have randomized spawns(i.e 3 spawn points for 2 turrets) But im currently trying to mod "The Covenant" where the shades dont have randomized spawns n the covenant .. the best thing I can do ill upload the shades squad if that will help if you guys can look into it... outskirts 77 122 140 141 161 162 ark 243 306 311 ill upload The coventant shade squad numbers as soon as I get home from work
  2. Modding

    Thanks for the reply well i tried this I marked "Always Place" and "Initially Placed" checkboxes On The Covenant for example, One extra shade spawned but no AI gunner in it on the second section, even though i checked the same checkboxes, nothing spawned idk what to do lol
  3. Modding

    Thank you for the swift reply 1) I was wondering..but if you set -1 to a vehicle/char tag doesnt that mean it wont spawn at all? I actually want those shades to spawn but I want them to spawn on the lower difficulty setting ..not just the heroic/legendary one...thats what I meant sorry if it wasnt clear
  4. Modding

    1) On legendary/heroic extra shade turrets are spawned on Tsavo Highway/Ark/The covenant. Where do I find the file/script/whatever that places them even on normal/easy difficulty? I tried the "always place" checkmark thing but nothing happened. I could kind of figure out how to spawn the extra npcs that are placed on those difficulties but not those things 2) Where do I find the heroic/legendary damage sections? Like how can I mod the damage enemies do? 3) What sections do I mod to increase my grenade counter?(I want to make it like halo 1-2 where you had 4 grenades)
  5. Modding

    So it means I can launch that xex and use the rest of my maps? How would I play my own maps tho? Because I tried downloading this mod(link posted below) and its maps would not show up and running both XeX's in the Tools section located there but nothing happened when i tried "copy pasting" would I get my maps to show up as well? Would I have to rename them to something custom?
  6. Modding

    Well today I got those maps to run because i apparently was launching through the default xex instead of the one that was linked....but just those 2 maps I just want to mod and launch my own maps and its so complicated to remove map checks from maps
  7. Modding

    Well the problem is..i admit im a retard i dont know how to do this I know I have contpatch disabled now and even those "simple" maps that I posted a link to above do not show up for whatever reason. If i cant get those simple maps to work how can I move onto something more complex like in your link Could if be possible if i could..just err... you know get the patched maps and xex here from a PM from someone ( i know its counted as warez and all but maybe through a PM?)
  8. Al I want to do is port the campaign maps that I modded in Assembly (on my PC) into my 360 HDD where they actually launch and work. (and yes i understand simple copy pasting doesnt work). ) ive downloaded various Xex's of halo 3 and none work. Ive even took a step back and started from something easy like this(even a 6 year old can do this as this has it all step by step I literally copied what he did and double/triple checked) and STILL nothing,. . Either discord or skype(prefer discord). Or even through here if possible as long as it works(prefer not to do it through PMs tho) Money will be transfered via paypal
  9. I cant seem to find it anywhere edit going by this thread -I have a jtag - I kind of know how to use assembly ) know how to use xexmenu and dashlaunch and have them installed(well kind of know) -Im not sure if I need xbox360 neighborhood if i never plan to take the 360 online or mod online maps or play online?(correct me if im wrong) What I tried so far was copy the halo sp map files to a usb and then plugging it into a PC and used assembly to mod the campaign maps there, then deleting the "default" maps(how I modded h2vista on PC at first which did work) but no bueno here because the campaign files seem to instantly become corrupt when the 360 tries to load them and I get the whole wipe Cd with cloth thing
  10. Ok I see How do I use the coordinates function? How would I null the scenery from the palette? For example lets say right now im modding halo 2 vista campaign deltaaaproach part A of the delta halo mission (as a guinea pig before i move on to H3). I want to remove the random laying rocket launchers for example from the ground and the ODST bodies. I found the rocket launcher as number 8. But im not sure whenever I need to look in Scenery, Object Names, or Palette Index ?

    Hello I got a question for you sir


    Halo 3(and 2 possibly)-Campaign weapons that are laying on the ground/weapon racks/unoccupied vehicles/ nonstatic  scenery like crates how do I remove those? 

    Where do I look for that in assembly? Is it possible to fully remove those files and have the game load normally? 


  12. Where do I look for that in assembly? Is it possible to fully remove those files?
  13. If I buy a JTaG'd Xbox 360 and I want to mod halo 3 on it with Assembly, would I need to run any extra programs? Or just run Assembly off a usb drive? Another question is...where could I get a good Jtag xbox (the kind that works) and for a decent price? What is the best place to get a kit? Should a complete newb to soldering(ive never worked with soldering small things like motherboards, etc) start with jtaging or is there a good chance I would fuck everything up?