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  1. So halo 2 has at least one to 20+ broken squads or spawns in each level but most require scripts to actually spawn. This particular case isnt really a "broken" spawn but rather this flood carrier in e1_fld_inf5 is never ever used. Never gets selected from the randomized spawn point pool that most floods spawns use in h2/h3 either. Currently using ScriptToolsBeta and trying to get this third flood carrier to spawn in 07b_forerunnership. I dont understand what im doing wrong. Even when the scripts compile the game never loads and sits at a white screen. Do i need to resign the map? Am I adding too many chunks to it so I changed the size of the map and it requires hex editing now? I was able to successfully restore e12_cov_inf1 squad which is completely missing but I didnt need to do any hex editing. Here is my script. . The top are my edited ones and the bottom are from the vanilla game.
  2. I tried to enable energy swords/rockets/hunters in all sections of the level The Covenant and it works fine until I get to the section with the first tower. It sort of works until I click on the elevator and when I ride it the game crashes and sends me back to the main menu. Any ideas what is causing this? Out of memory? edit: its sort of working but the game slows down to 1-5 FPS(its like you activated slow mode a la FEAR) but how is it possible? It cant be because of 2-3 extra tags? Ive seen gamecheats MP map spawn everything and no lag. Is it somehow possible to "reduce" the workload? Ive tried removing all "equipment" all "weapons on the ground", removed all barriers, changed most crates to plasma battries(which i then explode) but still mass lag. Is it possible to cut corners soemwhere? remove some "useless" tag that takes up CPU?
  3. Modding

    nvm figured it out i took someone's map with it and injected the br into my maps /e mods can delete this thread
  4. How would I do it? It really triggers the shit out of me if something is indestructible in a game (even more so when it can shoot back at you) Spirit dropships possibly triggered me since halo CE.
  5. pretty sure its for Vista so no
  6. I understand that Reach's engine is a modified h3 engine. One can copy h3 ODST tags and jnect them into h3. But h3 and h3 ODST use pretty much the same engines. Is something like that possible with reach because its a "modified" h3 engine?
  7. Modding

    Like i use halo 2 vista as my guinea pig( for practice) and it works there i simply use the add or remove elements button near the tag and remove all the random junk(which works) but in halo 3 it doesnt is there some hidden box i need to check to get the halo 3 tags properly removed or something?
  8. Ok I know things like random assault rifles( from dead preset npcs), dead preset bodies (that serve no other function than decoration) take up precious and limited xbox CPU but what is the proper way of removing these completely? Is putting -1 enough or does it still load up? How can i competely "delete" them? Id rather paste another extra weapon that is not present on that map into the weapons palette so it can use CPU than have 40+ random brute spikers(which no one will ever use) in my campaign map that also happen to eat the memory.
  9. Modding

    In halo 2(vista) I added gunners to Spectres/warthogs by using the Add a New Entry or Reorder a Existing one(probably not a proper way to do it but it worked) In halo 3 when i attempt to do that ..instead of neatly made Driver and Gunner I get unreadable chunks of code and the map crashes anyone have an idea how to add those pesky gunners?
  10. I have Insolence. I can move tags. I can move single player weapons into multiplayer maps(like adding fuel rod gun/major sentinel beam) and Entity reads them just fine. But when i attempt to move some tags..say Magnum or SMG into 0b_deltacontrol , Entity starts spewing out errors. I know one can inject tags(for example the Warthog run video on the front page contains the warthog that was manually injected) but I have no idea what I am doing. I understand that when i moved a tag from one map into another i increased the map's size and I guess I need to change its Meta Size? but for MP maps I pasted like 4 different tags and I didnt need to change anything they loaded just fine. Im at a loss what to do edit: after doing some research and like 30x map crashes i found out that Insolence shouldn't be used in tag moving. That I need to use Entity only. But following this tutorial my maps still crash and freeze. I just want to be able to port the flood juggernaut/weapons that arent in some maps into others. On a side the linked thread the comment on the bottom...the real @blackdimund?
  11. Modding

    On the levels such as Floodgate and Cortana there is a ALOT of preset corpses and a lot of infection forms. Which means more mayhem. I know you might be thinking "but opticalillusion you retard you can just spawn your own squads so why bother". But i just cant let those corpses that clog up the CPU go to waste lol. Plus it looks legit AF(especially on the cortana level when you walk into an area and its foggy and there are bodies rising up in the distance) So I have a few questions 1) Instead of resurrecting corpses the infection forms want to beeline straight for me. Is it possible to "lower" your aggro with assembly so they go for corpses instead or is it hardcoded?. 2)Sometimes it appears that the corpses must be laying in a certain position for them to be infected. Like if they are twisted/on a platform the infection forms seem to ignore them and only infect if they are laying on the ground face down/face up. Is it possible to somehow change or "enlarge" the area so infection forms go for the weirdly twisted bodies like make it a bigger aura of effect or something 3)There are alot of bodies on the Covenant(the brutes, etc where you assault the 2nd citadel ) and when you come back the flood infects them but most bodies have already dissapeared due to the engine cleaning up the clutter. Is it possible to modify the timer the bodies stay up(specifically brute bodies not the useless grunt/bugger bodies). Or some sort of a temporary script specifically for that section? 4) The preset corpses are found in the scnr/biped section, correct?
  12. on the PC enforcer is bugged here, gets stuck in the tubes terrain and since its death "releases" the other 2 enforcers in this section you most likely dont get to fight more than 1 these guys (both sides)which come out from the tubes appear to be super bugged on the xbox version...either i had incomplete squads spawn or they wouldnt open at all even when i tried walking around everywhere trying to hit the loading zones only reason i mentioned these is unlike the retarded beam rifle flood(which seems to be incapable of firing with them for whatever reason) 2 of those goons from the tube on the right get the honors of being the only sniper rifle flood in the trilogy so far and actually use them
  13. One of the easiest examples to notice imho is the gauss warthog, or going by the squad name of qz_ext_b_fact_warthog (yes there should be 2 of them not one but ive never seen it on the xbox version...maybe when it spawns it falls into the ravine.idk how to freeze the game to check that. It spawns roughly 10% of the time in the PC version) Moving on ,the xbox version(these 2 rocket flood will spawn) but they will not spawn on the PC version Now on the PC version there is another bug ..right after these 2 goons a squad of flood should jump out of the crevice to ambush you including one human combat form with a rocket launcher. It works fine on the xbox version but on the PC for whatever reason( I guess pathing is bugged? and its only for human forms because the elite ones come out fine but when they jump out they hit the rocks and fall and die)
  14. I swear roughly 10% of the squads available on that map do not spawn or deload on occasions(not the only map but aside from seriously trying to glitch and circumvent load zones, h2 has got to be the only bungie halo game where npcs deload on a regular basis) for some reason. And im not sure whats causing the scripts/triggers to break. Sometimes if i speed rush through they do not spawn/will spawn. If i take my time to take out every enemy..same story. Uhhh my question can i make the squads more responsive/ actually spawn?Just to get that OG experience that the devs actually scripted and i guess wanted you to play after all Ill upload a couple of the biggest examples(something i could notice with a naked eye like vehicles/rocket flood not spawning at all with screenshots but i bet there is a bunch of "filler" flood with random weps like smg's etc that nevre get noticed).
  15. General

    Basically...i want to record xbox 360 game videos...but without a capture card. I found this. is it still possible?