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  1. General

    I know it’s a little late now, but to those who are also facing this issue, I found a solution in Assembly (Lord Zedd pointed me in the right direction): I created a new category entry in the forge palette (in my case, I labeled it ‘Hacks’) and then created the subcategories of the new modded entries within. This way, no previous tags are offset - this special ‘Hacks’ category is at the bottom of the palette. Now, along with ‘Weapons, Human’, ‘Weapons, Covenant’, etc. there is a bonus ‘Hacks’ section that contains modded objects.
  2. General

    OK, that confirms my suspicions (both the palette arrangement and the deleting of tags). I will have to look more into the setup you described. Anyway, thanks to everyone for the help! Now, I should really be getting some sleep! By the way, Happy Mother’s Day!
  3. General

    Ah - that makes sense. I thought I had previously read that poking only altered the current memory. However, because I have been having this issue after restarting my Xbox multiple times, there must be some other problem. I can't talk anymore tonight, but I can get back to you tomorrow.
  4. General

    Shoot. I do remember poking before with Assembly on my forge saves to see what would happen (it didn't work, anyway). As I am not too familiar with poking, that is probably the case. Do you know of any possible fix? Am I screwed? Thanks, wblegoboy
  5. General

    I am not sure, but I don't believe so. Before I made this thread, I checked multiple saved maps to find that they were all slightly corrupted with different or missing items. Perhaps it could be that I am modifying the forge_halo palette incorrectly.
  6. Hello everyone! Recently I have been attempting to import tags into the Forge palette for use in saves - but with one problem: if I make a change to my, all items in my previous forge saves will be slightly ‘shifted’. For example, pickup trucks may become wraiths, and gravity hammers may turn into other human weapons. To me, it appears that the offset of new palette items shifts all current objects. I have confirmed this through the success of new, unedited forge worlds and reverting to old versions of my However, I am wondering if there is a known way to future-proof old levels for new versions of the forge_world (I am sure they can be edited when new objects are added, but that may be time-consuming when there are many saved levels to edit). P.S. Is there any way to delete tags from a .map if there are no references to them? Thanks, wblegoboy