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  1. Support

    Hello, I am becoming more familiar with offsets & how they work, but I was wondering about your offsets in the Assembly tool. Are the offsets like this one(see picture) used to poke information into halo 4? Or how does this work? Ive see a few tutorials about taking out the raw data for .maps, extracting and injecting. But how would one go about converting this over to a peek poker tool, HxD or Ida Pro? thanks, -arms04
  2. Support

    Hello, I was wondering does anyone have the current offsets for autoaim, jumping/movement speed, godemode etc? Was gonna make a tool for offline campaign mode. thanks,
  3. Halo 3

    the link no longer works
  4. Hello, Ive tried patching my default.xex and patching the .dlls as well, but my xbox is still unable to load program. It just says to contact I'm using xbox neighborhood to xfer the patched files over. Ive been looking all over the internet, I found a supposed modded.xex already made from When ive used that, the game will load up but no .map modded files will show. When i download a modded map from a website, those are not showing up as well. I even tried to patch a mod file i create in alteration, but it wont show up. Also Ive been able to edit in real time via assembly tool. But halo is still unable to read of the map files. Ive tried patching the mod maps through assembly as well as alteration but still cannot read them. Obviously I'm doing something wrong here, could someone please advise? There are a lot of modded maps on xboxchaos i would like to use. thanks, -arms