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  1. I was looking through some maps online and found one in some ones file share. Low and behold there was the campaign easter egg pelican from the mission "New Alexandria". You were able to sit in the troop seats and use the front gun but like the campaign, you can't access the pilot seat. Btw this was on plain old xbox and it worked perfectly. There was also a dinghy from what looked like longshore and a vending machine. I noticed that when I saved a version of sve mythic slayer it saved as its own unique variant. Is there anything stopping a unique version of forge world from being save onto a file share? Ex. Borderless forge world. Would be interesting to see what we can get away with on xbox.
  2. Back in the days of the 360 I'm sure many can fondly remember playing dead island and being given those foreign weapons that could literally kill everything in two or less shots. Some of those modded shotguns could easily send zombies into low orbit -never to be seen again. Myself and many others (I'm sure) think fondly of these over the top weapons when dead island comes to mind. I was quite happy to have heard that both dead island and riptide got remastered for the current gen consoles. Unfortunately those awesome weapons that lent us so many memories were nowhere to be seen. After some brief research, I found that the ps4 and the pc (of course) versions of the game had these mods available to the player populations on said games. The xbox one of course, was without. To my limited understanding there is no way to get ahold of these game save files as there isn't an option to save to a specific storage device like on the 360. somewhere in here I'm sure the cloud comes into play as well since most xbox games require your profile to sync first before anything is carried out. Even if you where able to mod the local file saves on the xbox would those discrepancies between the cloud and the local storage cause issues? Thank you for your time and if anyone has any information regarding this topic feel free to chime in.
  3. Unfortunately I already looked at the same excel sheet :(. I wonder if you could just download it on your pc and stick it on your fileshare from there? I haven’t seen how it works on The pc so I’m not sure if you can sneak modded gametypes in and share them. Sadly I sold mine a few months before reach came out. Thanks for the help though, really appreciate it
  4. I unfortunately missed the deadline for uploading the game types onto reach mcc and I’m wondering if there’s a way to get the game types on the game externally on the Xbox and distribute it. For some reason no one has any of the modded game types or they don’t have them on their file Share. Thanks in advance!