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  1. So any idea on how to fix it or should i give up?
  2. Anyway, i tried to swap the player bipd to an elite in matg and it broke. I would not spawn, the cutscene did not play and my camera was hovering over the map.
  3. But i'm pretty sure that you can fix the three issues.
  4. How do you change noble team bipeds in the cut scenes. Also I changed the bipeds of the noble team to marines in game play but there were a few glitches. 1. They all had equipment on the floor following them around 2. When they got into a falcon they would stand on the seat 3. Sometimes they would randomly freeze and just stay there in a walking position (i think it happens when they get a new objective) Does anyone know how to fix these issues, its for a project.
  5. General

    Cool i will try that.
  6. A Small guide Simply go into the object\characters\marine\ai\trooper and go to general properties then in the flags box you will see a box called civilian (between bit 13 and 15). Tick it and you are done you're marine is on your side. Note this only works on marines not civilians or Spartans. The marines will fight enemy ai including civilians. Anyone want to help me make them board a warthog?
  7. Glitch

    Whenever i load English strings up assembly crashes. So i use German and it does not show up in the forge menu. I used this map about a month ago and all was fine. any know what is happening. Note: everything else works fine just the strings.
  8. How do you spawn ai vehicles? In forge world.
  9. So how do you spawn in a warthog, destroyed, on fire?
  10. Support

    thanks for the idea i will have a look at it!
  11. Support

    well i'm doing it on a campaign map plus can i spawn through the forge palette instead of having the AI already there in the map and me being unable to spawn them
  12. Why don't you do it on a campaign map or firefight (I've tried but whenever i spawn in AI it crashes the game maybe you might know how to do it)? btw the game crashes because it runs out of memory i think anyway but the campaign maps should have enough memory for some kind of playground.
  13. How do you spawn AI in halo reach without the effects i heard that spawning it through effects makes the AI have no pathing. Is there a topic about it? if not can someone please tell me how to do it.
  14. Has anyone created a ai playground for halo reach yet? Theres one for 3 and 4 but not reach. I think the playground should be on cliffside.
  15. How do you covert a campaign map to mp map? Because I want the AI to move . I've tried adding ai to cliffside but when I place it, the game freezes. Thanks MRPIZZA123