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  1. How do you covert a campaign map to mp map? Because I want the AI to move . I've tried adding ai to cliffside but when I place it, the game freezes. Thanks MRPIZZA123
  2. Modding

    Thanks a lot!
  3. Modding

    There's no weapon type in squads block and also the map is forge world, I just want to swap the ai's weapon instead of an energy sword I want a plasma repeater (elite). when I do it in the char tag it does not swap the energy sword for the plasma repeater.
  4. Modding

    so I can't swap the ai's weapon. This may sound dumb. so can someone please tell me how to swap their weapon in halo reach. (the brute acts like a bird without a weapon!) thanks MRPIZZA
  5. looks fun, its a shame it could not be completed.
  6. .MAP

    One of my fav maps!
  7. Great Job
  8. So I was wondering can you make ai board your vehicles (warthog) in halo reach. Just say your driving along and see a marine, you beep you warthog and get as close as you can and then nothing happens. he does not board your warthog. So is there anybody out there that can help me make the marine board your warthog. I spend days trying to figure it out so don't mind what map it is on. btw: I made the marines team up with you. Thanks MRPIZZA.