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  1. Essentially, what you did was turn the multiplayer maps into single-player ones. Lord Zedd's solution is quicker and simpler, seeing as he modified the xbe. Wonder how he did it. I guess I could use your solution together with a debug xbe, since I have no idea what modifications Zedd did. Would love to modify the debug xbes instead. though. Would save a lot of space.
  2. Mind telling me how I can grab Halo PC's 1.0 and 2.0 Pre-Gold builds, as well as the Halo 2 PC Beta? I'd love to have them.
  3. I'd love to know how. I just want to walk around the original versions of the Halo CE maps in full screen, before they were modified in the PC release. (And perhaps take some screenshots)
  4. As we all know, Halo CE on the original Xbox doesn't allow you to start a game on a multiplayer map without a second controller plugged in. All I'm wondering is if there's any way to bypass this restriction, and explore the multiplayer maps alone - Without connecting a second controller.
  5. Oh, this is neat. The raw, un-extracted packages for archiving. Never saw these before. Definitely agree that they should be easy to access, which is why I was helping out. So we're allowed to post download links? I would've done that if I knew it was allowed. It's basically posting .xex and .map files, so I figured it'd violate the rules. Guess I was mistaken. Thanks for sharing! By the way, how about a download for Halo 4's Please? Build 10832? That's a thing? What does that have? Is it for Halo 3?
  6. General

    That sure is a lot of stuff to extract. What exactly do you need? Use Composer to extract. That's correct. I've done my own investigation as well, leading to playing Halo 4 cutscenes with the dialogue only So, unfortunately, you cannot grab cutscene music. The files for cutscene audio mix music and sound effects together. The reason why the dialogue has its own files at all is likely because of the need to dub the game into other languages. I'd understand if mixing the music and sound effects was done to cut down the space used on the disc, but then there's a ton of left over content during development that's taking up a lot of space despite going unused. So it's just really strange overall.
  7. Man, I'm lacking that Halo 4 Test Container DLC. From PartnerNet right? With and Hopper Test? Would love to have that one, but don't have PartnerNet access. (Also don't have PC 1.0 and 2.0 betas, but I doubt there are many differences. Halo 2 PC Beta probably doesn't have much too). Didn't know the OXM demo would be considered a beta, lol, but I also have that one. To be honest, I'd rather save space than grab all those builds with hardly any differences, lol. I had them all at one point, but decided to delete them except for MS23 and MS30 (First and last), since they're all available via Wayback Archive anyways. PM Sent for both Epsilons. PM sent. Everything I have, lol.
  8. That's weird, it worked perfectly fine for me when I used these patches. Try doing it again. I don't think it'd change anything, and you probably already used it, but I used a modified xex with the latest TU.
  9. Oh man, this is awesome. Great work here! Ever considering making ODST, Reach and Halo 4 versions?
  10. General

    Just like your Halo CE State of the Pre-Release mod, this is interesting and fun to play. Also love the changes to the FOV, weapon offsets, and the centered crosshair. They're exactly my taste. Single shot BR feels a bit weak, but it's a fun change nonetheless. Strangely, though, I played your mod's Sierra 117 on Legendary and found that I somehow became invincible. Not sure why, but eh, it happened. Not sure if the same thing happens on other levels.
  11. PM sent. Don't have 11729 yet. Dear god...This is gonna take a while. Gonna have to wait a bit, then, while I prepare for that PM. EDIT: PM Sent.
  12. I am looking upon the eyes of a god.

    Praise Lord Zedd, saviour of Halo mods, master of this realm.

  13. It's not the pre-alpha, but I got Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer Beta Build 37, if you don't have it. You probably already have it though. I'm searching for the pre-alpha too.
  14. Which ones do you guys want? ------------------------ Would love if you could send me a copy.
  15. PM sent. Check your inbox. You're welcome, mate. Still wondering if anybody has Epsilon 11729. Would love to grab a copy.