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  1. .MAP

    This has potential. You should unlock the secret forge tab too if it isn't already.
  2. I may have another halo 3 build if you want me to send it to you. It's named Halo3_Cache_Release or something and it has a bunch of text documents inside it going over some sort of debug commands.
  3. You usually need Visual Studio 2010 installed for the full Xbox 360 SDK Installation.
  4. I have Halo CE Pre-Release Build 2247; Halo CE Pe-Gold 1.0; Halo CE Pe-Gold 1.5; Halo CE Pre-Gold 2.0; Halo CE OXM Demo; Halo 2 PC beta; Halo 2 Alpha; Halo 2 Beta; Halo 3 Multiplayer Delta 09699; Halo3 Cache Release Epsilon 11729; Halo 3 Epsilon 11856; Halo Wars Sway Alpha; Halo Reach Pre Beta 1.1 09449; Halo Reach Multiplayer Beta 09730; Halo 4 Network Test Beta 14064; Halo 4 Test container DLCs; Halo 5 Guardians Beta; Halo Wars 2 Beta; Halo Wars 2 Blitz beta; cert ms23; cert ms30;
  5. Modding

    Possibly some sort of RGB float values for the game? 0x82A90050 -(change found: coulor change red when you go up in value) default: .float 1.0 0x82A90054 -(change found: coulor change green when you go up in value) default: .float 1.0 0x82A90058 -(change found: coulor change blue when you go up in value) default: .float 1.0
  6. Theres a "Test2Dev" xex as mentioned before but it just changes a couple of things and may not work, maybe you could find a version of XBDM for devs if it exists or extract it from someone elses real XDK somehow then use a Module Loader that works with XDKs and it might work. Haven't tested though. Maybe there is a leaked shadowboot file that will work on it for some random kernel? If you really need it and you are determined to get XBDM working on your test kit maybe the developer of RGLoader might be able to assist you or something. The console definitely has the hardware to support it I have seen a friends XNA Expo Test Kit with XBDM working, not sure how though.