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  1. Modding

    It's simple, leave it as ODST or Rookie/not sure for ODST but I played as Jun in reach: (In MATG) Ill tell you how I did it in reach, It might be similar in ODST. Step 1. Go to BIPED: go to spartens.biped and scroll to change color, sort through the initial permutations and scroll through, ie on reach I found carter, jun, emile and emile_knifeless. Now it's simple from here. Go to MATG and find player representation: My third person unit is the regular spartan. My third person variant is jun, I now play as Jun (yet I noticed my player colors are the same) If your models don't set look for Player customization globals and set the pmcg file to null Happy modding! It should work perfectly and apologies for using reach as I haven't bothered to mod ODST a ton. But it should rather be the same. Your variant might even just be buck, it seems the variants are always in lowercase
  2. Modding

    Sorry to bump an old topic, but the whole WGTZ and MULG tag switching still throws me in a black screen followed by a freeze, are there instructions Lehvak might have missed? Tag refs are changed, in exact in my MATG. I used one of gamecheats SP to MP maps to check my work, looks similar but I am hit with crashing. Le
  3. Yeahh, I was hearing about the whole issue with the memory etc. My big thing is wanting a terrain, starting to realize it's more troublesome than it's worth. Rather new but I have had luck with just about everything else I have attempted besides BSP swapping. If you're okay with me asking what're you using for ai battles? The terrain from the covenant would be something awesome to use.
  4. Back with an update, switched out the 020_bsp_010 (I believe it's called) and tried importing the sandbox file that was still there. Had zero luck, followed the tutorial from Part 6: Fixing Stuff to If your BSP was the first in the map, continue reading here: and I still am at a black screen. I might be outta luck it seems. I have also tried adding the original SBSP from and pointing stuff towards that. No luck. Edit: just compared scnr files/ added anything missing. Still no luck.
  5. Thanks man! In my case I noticed gamecheats map file still had bits of sandbox, (in which swapping some things didn't end up well) in my attemps to actually port over the maps (I tried both char and the effe tags) I however ended up with 10gb in tags, in which I can already see is going to be very unfortunate. Seems like it's not even worth the work at this point
  6. Greetings! I recently got into halo 3 modding and Assembly (I used to do biped switches when I was a kiddo on halo CE, so I always knew the basics lol) I have experimented with many maps, but none were ideal to me besides GameCheat13's ai playground. I really enjoy the map but I heavily dislike the lack of atmosphere (just being in a giant box, made of sand) I want actual terrain rather than a giant box. Upon checking my scnr file I did find the BSP for sandbox in gamecheats playground (the original halo 3 map) and I really wanted to switch over, despite matching up the default' s scnr and the ai playground scnr for sandbox I couldn't get the map to actually load this way. I tried replacing files form the original sandbox file but even doing that had no avail. Is there any possible way to switch over this map? I really love the scripts and everything else besides the BSP of the map. I would love more terrain and atmosphere. Before anyone copy pastes me the BSP injection guide and the .map modding basic guides. Yes I have looked at these, and no they didn't help with what I am trying to do. (Should go without saying since this is why I am posting though.) I am open to anything otherwise. Thank you in advance!