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  1. Now you too can have the OG Reach startup in all its glory. 1. Navigate to \MCC\Content\Movies 2. Make a backup of FMS_logo_microsoft_7_1 3. Overwrite the file with mod $. Enjoy! VIDEO IN ACTION: Download I emailed RAD Video for an evaluation of Bink 2. For now the file will playback at 30fps like the original and won't have interpolated frames. PROCESS (To preserve integrity of original file as much as possible) 1. FTP'd 'intro_60' file from RGH Xbox 360 2. Used Hybrid Avisynth to interpolate the framerate to 60 3. Used ffmpeg to extract frames in a sequence 4. Used Topaz Gigapixel to upscale every frame to 1920 x 1440 (to preserve 4:3 aspect ratio of original) 5. Batch cropping to 1920 x 1080 (to remove top and bottom black bars that were not present on widescreen) 6. FFmpeg to put sequence of new images back into movie 7. Used RAD Tools to extract audio channels of original 'intro_60.bik' 8. Bink'd using an automatic overall data rate and a peak data rate of 6.0 (Additionally set framerate force and adjust to 60 with no results) 9. Mixed in sound using RAD Video Tools at a setting of 0 (lossless)
  2. Modding

    WOW, you are a bro! I'm gonna make some late night dinner and sit down with Assembly so i can plug this in. This saved me a lot of time. EDIT: So I got caught up with a lot of things on the weekend, and was also lucky enough to get a Reach PC invitation so that took all of my time. I will definitely post my results as soon as I can.
  3. Modding

    No worries! All your contributions are appreciated! I will begin my research in the scenario tag then and come back with my results.
  4. Hi guys, I got around to spending some time in Assembly and I've been having a total blast modifying the various parameters of the tags and poking the changes to my rgh. I'm a big CE campaign fan and one of the things I liked to do was experiment with different game speeds by doing game_speed 0.5 in the console. I've searched through many tags where I thought this could be found, like globals for instance but I'm convinced a script needs to be written. I don't know what language Halo scripts are in but I've written programs before in other languages so I can follow along just fine. Where should I be looking to modify this parameter? Best regards, GruntyGunner