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  1. .MAP

    i was telling him about it when he was making it
  2. General

    Hmm not that i know of i will try to look for some though
  3. if you go into all weapons and make em third person then it could be better
  4. General

    you can get any of the map files images and info from i personally use this
  5. I have just started a project that i have always wanted for a very long time now and yes gamecheat13 (Inspired me to actually do this) did make the covenant and the storm forgeable i plan on expanding on that, i have started on floodgate which i have broken many times (i believe around 20x) just trying to convert it and make Ai. Floodgate is very gltichy at the moment as i used it to test stuff out. i have completed sierra 117 and i am now on crows nest. I planned to complete this by saturday but due to me wanted to add as much as possible that people want (i have gotten a few suggestions by GeneralKidd, Tuco (A good youtuber: TucoStudio) and a few other suggestions, it will be a week to a month long project (probably week long). If people like this i will try to do it with both odst and reach. Also feel free to suggest any other mods you would like me to do. And if anyone has any knowledge about maps or whatever you think would help me out that would be appreciated as well!
  6. you forgot to add the hunters weapon that allows them to actually shoot the beams i added it onto the map if you want the weapon tag i will give it to you HunterWeapon.tagc forgot to mention its from lone wolf
  7. I am new to modding and would like to know what it does and if i should add it to my custom palettes or not