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  1. Not finsihed yet still need to 1) Make an elite fp model. 2) Create a new grenade to replace the frag. 3) Adjust some enemy spawns though I've already done half of them. 4) Make the prophet follow the player and actually move around. 5) Maybe add one or two new weapons but we'll see if that will be a thing once everything else is done. Here's a trailer
  2. This mod allows you to customize, colour and play as your own brute in multiplayer though its in very early development at the moment and I haven't tested it with more than one person as I'm using Xenia. The helmet and the body work perfectly apart from one or two helmets but most work fine. The armour does not load in-game for some reason and I will figure out for the next update which should be a polish like make sure everything loads and the armour works properly. All aniamtions work and I've added a fp model with some brute shaders on but will try to mess around with nodes and custom bitmaps to make it look better in the future. Download link - Hope you enjoy because I didn't get very good sleep yesterday lol Also a big thanks to Lord Zedd, Tuco Studios and Akarias
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    Alright will try that, I really appreciate the help thanks a bunch!
  4. Hello everyone, I'm currently trying to make brutes customizable and playable in multiplayer and I'm stuck on trying to make the different parts of armour change when selecting a different option. I also want to fix the animation as the brute is currently t-posing. I'm also using Xenia which is an emulator so if anyone knows how to make poking work that would also be much appreciated. Here's the progress I've made so far Many thanks, Toby
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    I finally did it thank you so much Lord Zedd you're a hero and thanks Akarias I'll look into the script.
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    How would I find what this certain script expression is as I have no idea. Sorry if I'm asking too many questions lol.
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    Oh ok thanks
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    Thanks for responding, I do have two questions. 1) I've replaced the permuations to the brute's but it doesn't change when I select different armour pieces, does this mean I've done it wrong or is there another step for that? 2)I've found the animation and tried to replace it with an idle animation for the brute shot but when I save and compile it comes with gameleak gtfo. Sorry if these are obvious question but I'm not so familar with Halo 3 as I am on Halo 2 Vista. Thanks again, Toby