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  1. .MAP

    Anyone still have this map? @Thunder
  2. Hey, so I actually looked into it and decided to compile a build of “Liberty-master” that I got from Github. Anyway, the “H3GameStateTest.exe” that I compiled only opens the following file types: .mmiof .bmf So does anyone know if the Liberty build is even for the Xbox versions of Halo or for the PC (El Dorado - I think that’s how you spell it) versions of the games? Because the Xbox one and Xbox 360 doesn’t save to either of those formats.
  3. I appreciate the suggestion, however I have no knowledge of coding so the source codes would literally be a different language. I’m not even sure where I would start. I was using Assembly and HxD attempting to find values, to no avail.
  4. Yes, that’d be awesome! Thanks in advance
  5. First off, yes I have the appropriate dashboard version to import/export game saves. All I need assistance with is actually modifying the game data. Could anyone assist?
  6. I’ve seen people successfully downloading Minecraft mods from websites and getting them to work on Xbox One by utilizing the “File Downloader” Xb-one app and the “ufo transfer” xb-one app. My question is, has anyone thought to utilize these methods for other games? I’m sure Minecraft left a backdoor intentionally for these type of things however if they didn’t, then can’t this be utilized for other games? S/N: Sorry if this question has been asked already. I wasn’t able find anything about this on this forum. Video I’m referring to: