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  1. Modding

    Have you checked the tag blocks that determine which TEAMS they are in relation to the vehicles? Covenant dropships are probably labeled as Team Covenant or Default, and if the AI or bipeds don't have matching team designations, that could also be contributing to the problem, so check to see if they've been labeled properly. Try changing their team designations from Default to what you're attempting to mod them into, to make sure that they all match up properly.
  2. Modding

    You're right. I didn't notice them at first. I've been so busy testing out NOBLE team's weapon usage when swapping with them that I haven't paid much attention to the Marines when they're in close combat with the Covenant.
  3. I'm currently working on the Gold Edition of my Reach Campaign mod, but I've noticed that while a Kick melee damage exists in the game's damage files, I don't see it being referenced by the Marines' biped tags in the map files. If I wish to add this attack, should I choose AI Melee Damage or just Melee Damage in the melee and damage response section of their biped tag? Any help at all would be appreciated.
  4. Here is a download link for my modded Reach campaign:!6kN2nKoJ!ysNZLy4PpvEm3v0mk23kCA The download link is set to expire on 04/03/2020... but I will renew it again afterward. This mod aims to make Reach feel more in line with Combat Evolved by way of weapon tuning, player health and shields, and a few other tweaks. Also, this mod has had certain weapon view-models changed for usage with centered crosshairs, to make the game feel more like Combat Evolved. The player is also now able to swap weapons with their NOBLE AI teammates, except Jorge, who keeps his turret at all times because I think it's actually part of his biped. Health and Shields are now much higher than in the base game. Player Health: 75 points. Player Shields: 75 points. Globals have been changed as well. Enemy damage has been increased on Easy mode from 0.2 to 0.25, and decreased from 0.9 to 0.75 on Normal, 1.2 to 1.0 on Heroic, and from 1.6 to 1.25 on Legendary. Friendly AI damage has been increased from 0 to 0.5 on Easy, 0.5 to 0.75 on Normal, and untouched on Heroic and Legendary. Enemy and Friendly AI vitality have been untouched in Globals. Enemy Melee chance has been modified slightly for Legendary, because the Melee attacks are still fatal on that difficulty. Also, the Armor Abilities have received a few tweaks. Sprint, Jet Pack, and Armor Lock now last a few seconds longer than in the vanilla game, while Sprint, Jet Pack, and Active Camo now put the player into a third-person perspective when activated. Hologram and Drop Shield remain unchanged. Active Camo also no longer dampens sound, but due to it putting the player into third person, zooming with a weapon is disabled, meaning it will need to be used as a stealth option for hiding and/or sneaking up on enemies for assassinations. Elites have received the following changes. Minors: 100 Health and 100 Shields on Normal, 100 Health and 125 Shields on Legendary. Officers: 100 Health and 125 Shields on Normal, 100 Health and 150 Shields on Legendary. Officers are also now red all over. Ultras: 100 Health and 150 Shields on Normal, 100 Health and 200 Shields on Legendary. Generals: 100 Health and 200 Shields on Normal, 100 Health and 250 Shields on Legendary. BOB: Health and Shields vary from mission to mission. Jetpack Elites no longer dual wield on Long Night Of Solace, as they made progression almost impossible on Legendary, even with the increased shields and health for the player. Jet Pack Elites are also now a green color instead of pale white, because I think it looks cool. SpecOps Elites are now totally black in coloration, as they were in Combat Evolved. Elite Zealots are now yellow/gold in color, although the Field Marshal retains his maroon coloring for his sporadic appearances. Zealots, when they show up, have 100 points for Health and 250 points for Shields on Normal, with 100 Health and 300 Shields on Legendary. Brutes have received the following changes. Minors: 150 Health and 50 Shields on Normal, 150 Health and 100 Shields on Legendary. Captains: 150 Health and 100 Shields on Normal, 150 Health and 150 Shields on Legendary. Chieftans: 150 Health and 200 Shields on Normal, 150 Health and 250 Shields on Legendary. Grunts: Grunt Majors are now totally red, and Specops Grunts are now mostly black. Jackals and Skirmishers remain unchanged. Engineers remain unchanged. Drones remain unchanged. Hunters can now be boarded once their back armor has been removed. Once boarded, the Player can kill the hunter by either planting a grenade into their back or they can use a melee attack. The grenade guarantees the Hunter's death, while the melee attack is only fatal if the Hunter has already taken significant damage prior to being boarded. WEAPON CHANGES. Many weapons have had their maximum ammo reserves increased dramatically to match levels seen in Combat Evolved. The game takes place on Reach, so ALL of the ammunition for UNSC weapons is available to you. And because this takes place prior to Combat Evolved, some weapons now have at least 20 spare magazines of reserve ammunition. Combat Evolved had at least 10 magazines fo spare ammo for its primary UNSC weapons, so the prequel has 20 spare magazines for its primary UNSC weapons. The DMR has 300 maximum ammo reserve of 300 spare rounds and does 25 points of a damage per bullet, similar to the M6D Pistol of Combat Evolved, while also firing fully automatic at 3 rounds per second. Bloom is still present, so pace your shots. The Assault Rifle now does 10 points of damages per bullet, just like the MA5B of Combat Evolved. It also has a maximum reserve ammo capacity of 640 rounds. Its error angles have been increased slightly to make up for its damage output, so it feels balanced. The M6G Magnum now has a maximum ammo reserve of 160 rounds, and is now fully automatic, firing at 4 rounds per second. Just hold down the trigger/firing button. The Shotgun has received a boost in range and accuracy and now has a maximum reserve of 60 rounds, just like the M90 of CE, while also being fully automatic, firing at 3 rounds per second if you hold down the trigger, although there is no increase in firing speed at full auto. The Sniper Rifle has an increased ammo reserve of 40 rounds and a slightly increased damage output, along with a firing rate of 4 rounds per second. The Grenade Launcher now does more damage on impact and detonation, while its EMP blast has been given a wider radius. The Rocket Launcher now carries 8 spare rockets, just like it did in Combat Evolved. The Spartan Laser remains unchanged, aside from a slightly altered view model. The Target Locator remains untouched. The Needle Rifle now has a maximum ammo reserve of 210 needles, and a slightly decreased reticle bloom. It can also pick up ammunition from Needlers as well, since both weapons use the same ammunition. The Needler now has a maximum reserve of 96 spare needles, and the First Person view model is now held in a manner similar to Combat Evolved, and it can pick up ammunition from Needle Rifles, as both weapons use the same ammunition... sort of. The Spiker now has an increased ammo reserve of 400 spikes. The Plasma Repeater now does more damage per bolt (7.5 points across the board), and has a slightly longer battery life, making it a more viable weapon in general. The Concussion Rifle now has a slower firing rate of 2 rounds per second, while also being capable of automatic fire. The Focus Rifle remains unchanged aside from a slightly altered view model. The Energy Sword remains untouched. The Plasma Launcher remains untouched. The Gravity Hammer remains untouched. The Fuel Rod Gun now has 50 spare rods instead of only 25. The Plasma Grenade now has an EMP effect when detonating (except when boarding), making it more dangerous, both to the enemy AI and the player. The Frag Grenade has an increased blast radius and damage output, making it feel more like the CE Frag Grenade... so be CAREFUL on Exodus because on the high number of civilians you'll be around. The Plasma Pistol remains unchanged, as does the Plasma Rifle. Both weapons were already tuned pretty well in the vanilla game. However, the Plasma Rifle now has its viewmodel changed to match the viewmodel seen in Combat Evolved, while the Plasma Pistol has a slightly altered view model as well. Also, the player can now carry 8 grenades maximum, 4 of each type, as was seen in the glory days of Combat Evolved and Halo 2. VEHICLES. Vehicles remain mostly unchanged, with only the Sabre receiving any substantial modifications. Sabre: The Sabre now has more base and shield health, along with a slightly faster recharge rate. It also fires six missiles instead of 4 now, and the missiles no longer bounce upon impacting a Seraph's shields. Rocket Warthog: The rockets now do more damage on impact and detonation. In a few levels, Friendly AI, such as Army Troopers, now have fatigues and armor more reminiscent of those worn by the Marines in Combat Evolved, being gray and brown. This shows what the Marines in Combat Evolved Anniversary SHOULD have looked like, and I can guarantee you that I will try to make these changes when the PC port of CEA is released as well. Video Link: At 03:48 note the degenerate Army trooper who appears to be trying to T-Bag a dead jackal.
  5. I'm close to finishing my campaign mod for Reach, but I was wondering if anybody knows how to make it so that honking the horn of the Warthog or any civilian vehicle will cause Grunts to go kamikaze. I don't need to do this, but I just think it would be a really fun thing to do.
  6. General

    I did it! I actually did it! On Nightfall, I was able to BOARD a HUNTER! I finally did it! Turns out I was doing everything right, but I have to stand at a specific angle around the Hunter's back in order to see the boarding message... and most of their back armor has to be missing as well.
  7. Yeah, but with some weapons, you have to make sure that "firing parallel" is unchecked, or else it fires two rounds or two shots instead of one each time you pull the trigger if you're trying to pace your shots. I learned this the hard way when making the DMR full auto, because APPARENTLY the damn thing is tied to the shotgun somehow! I tried keeping the DMR as latch and made the shotgun spew so that I could make it fire like the one from CE, but then the DMR started acting funny, despite not being touched, and I found out that they're somehow LINKED! So, I just changed the DMR to spew as well.
  8. General

    Okay, here's a screenshot showing the pitch and yaw properties: And here's another one showing the entry radius stuff: And here's a third one showing the Seats box:
  9. General

    I've left them at their default values. What's the best way to take a screenshot of Assembly?
  10. Does anyone know how to make it possible to board Hunters? I've tried making sure that the checked boxes for letting players board it are checked, and I've made sure that the checklist matches that of vehicles like the Wraith. But nothing seems to work. Does anyone know something that I don't? Any information at all would be helpful and appreciated.
  11. Isn't it also possible to make weapons automatic by going into the Flags under Barrels and unchecking the "Cannot Fire When Others Firing" box? I did that for the Magnum and it now fires just like the M6D of Combat Evolved.
  12. Other

    With Halo: Reach and the MCC finally coming to PC this year, will Assembly be updated so that it can modify the PC port of Reach and the MCC? I would personally love to be able to mod Halo Reach so that the weapons in the campaign feel more like the weapons of Halo CE with more damage and higher ammo reserves.