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  1. Hello everybody. Ksoft seems to work fine on modifying gametypes on MCC PC insider. You can modify gametypes in this directory. The only issue is ksoft is only working on windows 8. I have tried a lot to get it working on windows 10 including compatibility mode. Can any of you get it to work? Its very inconvenient to boot up virtual box every time I want to compile a gametype. Here is the link for ksoft.tool.
  2. I am attempting to set an objective icon on the startup objective title in a FFA gametype. For some reason when I do this I end up with 2 objective titles (I'm going to do my best to explain what this is.) Basically in FFA gametypes there is a blue objective box shows up at the start of a round and the text in it is the objective title. When I use PlayerSetObjectiveIcon Another objective box appears behind the blue objective box with the icon I used. So what my question is does anybody know if its possible to remove the blue objective title that shows up at the start of the round in FFA gametypes? When I enable teams in seems to operate normally with only the objective title with the icon showing up. Whats also interesting is the new objective title with the icon will also have your players primary color in FFA.
  3. Modding

    Also you need to do the same for player object variables. Scroll down to Then add the following code:
  4. Modding

    I have finally found the cause of the bug. 7ime never added ObjectObject0 to the Object variables section of the gametype. To fix this decode the gametype with the method posted above then scroll down to: Then add the following code Additionally I discovered you can set a network state to these variables so you can keep track of megalo objects after host migration. example: Currently 7ime deletes all megalo objects after host migration because all megalo objects would be forgotten by the objects that created them thus creating the object again. Using a high priority network state allows the game to properly remember these objects avoiding the need to delete them after host migration.
  5. I have exhausted myself trying to find a solution. If anyone finds a way to get this program working on windows 10 I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. Modding

    You need to enable the 5th switch in ksoft. so it would look like this:
  7. Gametype

    Has anyone figured out how to decode this gametype with ksoft? I would love to learn from it. Ksoft seems to be throwing an error every time I try and decode it.
  8. I got it working by installing windows 8 on virtual box and running the program in it.
  9. I cannot seem to get program to work. I downloaded the dependencies listed above and when I run a batch file it just goes right to the pause action. No errors or any output at all. Could It be because I have microsoft .net 4.7 and not 4.5? I can't seem to find a way to downgrade microsoft .net. I'm on windows 10 btw.